A Case for Therapy

I have always had the opinion that anyone, and I mean anyone, can benefit from some therapy. Personally, reaching out to someone and actively trying to better myself has literally saved my life on multiple occasions, and unfortunately, I have seen so many negative and harmful mindsets in this community, and my heart aches for y’all. I understand if someone doesn’t have the money for it, but have any of you guys spoken with a licensed professional for therapy? What did, or didn’t, they say to you? Did you find it helpful at all?

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welcome to incelistan AmIHere.
I haven’t talked with a licensed professional. but I have nothing against it.

Thank you for replying! If you don’t mind me asking, would you ever consider it for yourself maybe sometime now or in the future?

Are you another person from the therapy industry? There is some evidence that CBT works in a clinically significant manner beyond placebo, but given talk therapy leads to psychiatry, i would not recommend incels try it unless the psychologist is anti-psychiatry.

yea for 12 years

they would avoid talking about body image issues or sexuality, all 20 of them or so

only from CBT from a PHD psychologist, but it could have just been other factors at play

yeah, I’d consider it. given the opportunity and money.
not saying I’d jump at the chance, but I wouldn’t begrudge the idea.

Quite frankly… the only reason I go to therapy is to get my autism bucks.

But yeah I agree you won’t know whether it works for you or not until you actually try it.
At least now I can say with absolute certainty that nothing and nobody can ‘fix’ me… other than perhaps succeeding in business and/or other social hierarchies that most people would consider worth succeeding in.
In fact I’d go as far as to say that some people have a good reason to be unhappy. You’re unhappy because there are things that you want in life that you do not yet have at the moment. Somehow it’s easier to convince yourself to believe that you have a chemical imbalance than to admit that your life simply sucks.

Unhappy there are things you do not yet have, or strongly believe you will never have.

I don’t think I am crazy or have a chemical imbalance in terms of how I feel. My life is just shit.

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Yes there are certain things I’ve had to accept I will never have, like a cute flesh-and-blood lesbian dream girlfriend who will be loyal to me till the end. I don’t think such a person even exists to start with, maybe only in movies.
I guess it’s more things like financial stability, a successful business, etc. Those are things I can still achieve but will be challenging to acquire nonetheless.
Keep in mind that I’m not dismissing psychiatry altogether… just that I think a lot of depression is just a natural reaction to real-world stressors. It’s an over-diagnosed disease.

No, I’m not a part of the therapy industry, I’ve just been through a lot of therapy…
And yeah, CBT has helped me a lot in my day-to-day life, but I’ve also had a positive experience with certain medications (not SSRIs). Getting the right therapist and psychiatrist is such a hit-or-miss deal, so I understand how a lot of people struggle with the medication side of things when they don’t have a good doctor who listens to them…

The the_rapist asked me what I do at home. I said that I’m on my pc 24/7. In response, she claimed that I WANT to be like that. I said no, I don’t but she kept insisting that I want to be like that. JFL. Lesson learned. Never trust a the_rapist. Indeed, I wanted to be bullied at school, to not have gf and living with realization that I will never have one simply because I was born a subhuman male. And the whole chemical imbalance thing is bs. Most males who is said to have chemical imbalance are just inferior males who realised that they’re not good enough for today women, today society. It’s just reasonable for us to be “depressed” because our lives is pure trash. Of course there’s some truth to the whole chemical imbalance thing - people who are upset for no reason are really having it.


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Well said.

Hell, I started out as a pretty motivated young teenager. I always got good grades and had ambitions along the lines of a doctor or a PhD. Little by little, my motivation faded as I grew increasingly depressed and demotivated because of the realization ASD made social challenges even more challenging. When I started realizing in my mid teens that I was way too shy to approach females, it was discouraging. Many years later, I am here now, trying to spend as much time as possible on the PC and surviving my last year of schooling in education. I am barely able to function and get through a day, simply wanting to retreat to my basement and listen to music or watch videos in an attempt to drown out the despair in my mind. That mildly uncomfortable feeling that began, and then progressed to a crushing despair in the span of 12 or so years.

welcome to incelistan violent, incel-dom may feel like a prison, but you’re not as trapped as you feel.