A short introduction to hypergamy and sexual markets throughout history

We’re all familiar with the post-modern $fee-males$ in today’s crony capitalist economy of an overly hyper competitive sexual transactional market where sexual capitalism is paramount of today’s dying collapsing last final end stage of international economic capitalism itself concerning national economies, but what of ancient woman before the advent of money or currency even existed historically? Well, let’s take a look at that.

In humanity’s natural primordial state of nature women were entirely dependent on men for just about everything. Whether it was fighting off natural predators, hunting, acquiring food, building shelter, or keeping a fire going at night to warm women, children, and the entire tribe.

In terms of sexual selection the man that was the best hunter, best at acquiring food, best at fighting off animal predators, best at fighting off other men, and was the best provider of shelter won the process of sexual selection, mating, or reproduction.

It was this sort of intense primordial codependent relationship between the first ancient human females and males that we begin to see the very first sexual transactional exchange take place even before the historical monetary revolution took place in history thousands of years later. The very emergence of sexual economic bargaining was still taking place nonetheless even if early man did not have the cognitive abilities or higher brain consciousness to figure it out and know what was transpiring. The very foundation and bedrock of female sexual capitalism was being layed out. Upon looking at this one wonders or becomes perplexed if indeed capitalism originated with men or a male patriarchy at all as the Marxist feminists assert all time for it appears the very first origin of social economic capitalism originated between the first woman’s legs spread out.

The ancient female was still offering her sexual services, sexual reproductive utility, and social companionship where the ancient man was still the purchasing buyer through bartering which became the first historical sexual negotiation or social contract of all time. In exchange of the males protecting women from other males who would go rogue in coalitions much like the modern great apes of Chimpanzees raping females along with providing food, shelter, security, natural well-being, and raw materials necessary to survive the females would grant the males their sexual utility of reproduction propagating the species for future countless generations to come.

Well, pros and cons. The mating process was more straightforward back then (Theoretically) but the rewards were also less. I mean you had to fuck women that looked like apes.

I say “Theoretically” because I watched ape documentaries before. Mating selection is not always straightforward, sometimes the male has to do a dance and the female will arbitrarily reject the male for vague and unclear reasons.

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The males looked like apes also and back then cognitive abilities was so very limited beyond intermediate survival or living within the short term moment that nobody gave a shit.

Moreover, the very ideal of physical beauty or aesthetics back then did not exist where males were more judged by abilities other than anything else.

Women are still vague and arbitrary in ape society. I watched ape documentaries, males have to dance and the female arbitrarily decides if she likes them or not.

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That’s simply because female sexuality itself is arbitrary.

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Female sexuality is prostitution, fixed it for you. Having children or offspring is just a secondary biological byproduct and now with contraceptives it’s not like a lot of women are having children in large numbers anymore anyways.