Accepting people from r/braincels

Which got banned today.

Please see our rules tab

This particular community has existed since 2017 (on Facebook), and externally since late 2018.

We are gender inclusive and have strong rules against violent speech. We welcome all Braincels users and memers.

You may have seen our forum before in various docs and media. We have shit SEO but a good community.

Here is a wiki article on our forum if you have not been exposed to the forum before


Really do not care if they come here or not.

70% of them were just 4channers and other culture warriors. Not really incels.

Not sure I want any of them here either.

Quite like this place as it is.

As long as they reduce their autism by 30% they should be A-ok

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Honestly it always seemed like there were a few motivated people with VPNs on braincels, r/incels, and 2011-2013 4chan just sort of pushing inflammatory stuff for God knows what purpose

The posting was often too eerily uniform and over-the-top, especially 2011-2013 /pol/ and 4chan

Well it was confirmed there were VPN psyops on 4chan.

Only Reddit admins could investigate that sort of thing for Reddit.


I like that there is a way to sort by top threads here, kinda like reddit

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Can you unpin this? I really REALLY do not want Braincels users here.

I already like this place as a comfy oasis from all that r/MDE shit

Was honestly surpirsed Braincels lasted that extra year after the quarantine

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Just in time for the Joker movie. Coincidence? I think not…

I was upset braincels was banned, the people in that community needed the support. The complaints they had were totally justified. Yet people deny the truth so, in turn, things get banned. Incels need another place to go for support.

it was hardly a community, people didn’t know each other there on an individual basis