Apocalyptic girlfriends:Life-fuel, coping-fuel, and hope-fuel

Over the last couple of days with the threat of world war III millions of male incels cheered on the internet worldwide because we’ve come to understand just one truism and that is the current society or civilization won’t change at all until it collapses and just dies already.

It really was music to my ears and candy for my eyes as the fundamental thing we male incels all fundamentally agree upon is the total destruction of the current social world order. In a way I suppose that makes us all hyper realists of the profound pessimistic or political nihilist variety, nihilism in so much that it must temporarily exist in order for a new social order to be built from the ashes or ruins from the former one.

Many philosophers of the pessimistic kind have stated that human beings for the most part out of selfish interest or ego will not work together voluntarily on their own where it takes an existential crisis that forces human beings to change dramatically in actually volunteering themselves to work together. I think this is pretty much true of both genders.

As for apocalyptic girlfriends as said in the title of this thread here are some positive aspects of world war III, collapse of civilization, and total destruction everywhere.

In war a majority of people who fight and die are men, if say tomorrow one billion men were to die that basically means there are one billion men less to compete against economically, existentially, sexually, and so on. If you’re a male survivor of such an existential crisis or conflict as a man your sexual, social, and economic value has only increased overnight as you’re one of the few remaining men that is left alive where women in that zero sum game becomes beggars as they cannot afford to be too picky. It’s a beautiful thought really being one of the few surviving men and where women are forced to adapt becoming the beggars not the other way around.

I’m familiar with an old phrase, sometimes in order to come ahead of everybody else one simply has to remove themselves from the herd and be very patient for as all the lemmings that jump over a cliff, the lemming that doesn’t follow the herd over the cliff wins the reproductive biological evolutionary ticket. Sometimes you simply just have to remove yourself, be patient, and non -conform to the stupid mass hysteria of everybody else being the lone survivor.

Just imagine, all the stupid men fighting in a world war fighting for oligarchic governments controlled by the interests of the wealthy sacrificing their lives for literally nothing at all, and meanwhile you’re at home consolidating their wives, sisters, or daughters.

And should total destruction kill all life on the planet including ourselves with the greatest depression being our lives, no big loss there. You die knowing that the nightmare and horror is finally over everywhere.

Pretty much this.

I’d seriously love to see how men would react if a draft were enforced tomorrow.

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I’d imagine a majority of men would resist, because what would they be fighting for exactly?

Transgender story time in children’s school libraries? Toxic bitchery marching around with pink pussy hats? Historic low birthrates, high divorce rates, and celibate sexless men rising in numbers exponentially? I’m at an utter loss what there is to be fighting for or defending exactly.

All the gun-ho for God and country retards can go fight in dying within a world war, frankly the world is better off without them concerning their blind cuck patriotism. Zero fucks would be given.

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