Bagelcel found a partner


What’s a Bagelcel?

You been under a rock? You gotta keep up to date with incel news homie

Yeah just looked him up.

Damn, he’s so short that not even being born in the time of the Boomers saved him.

To be fair, the world needs more bagelcels… less Elliot Rodgers.

Sometimes you really do need to explode in a fit of narcissistic, entitled rage and demand what you want out of life, and I don’t mean that sarcastically.

Just make sure you’ve actually run out of options before you ‘press the red button’, so to speak.

And yeah try not to cause any real-world damage and get yourself arrested or anything. And make sure you can actually handle the fame… make sure you’re Okay with being known as ‘that spoiled brat’ for the rest of your life.

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Based post from based lesbiancel

(we’re not worthy we’re not worthy)