Banana Republic United States: Second presidential impeachment under way

Yes, in our lovely banana republic over here it looks like a second presidential impeachment is in fact underway.

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Catastrophizing is not a good thing to do. Would recommend taking a break from politics.


This is just pathetic.

Even more pathetic is all the common-folk Libtards with their irrelevant hate-boners for Trump.

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Once you’re in politics you’re in for life, and yes I view it all as one giant tragic catastrophe.

Like 90% of your threads are not about inceldom. Kind of annoying man, no offense.

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Incels are not allowed to talk about other things other than inceldom? That’s kinda depressing man.

There’s only so many different kinds of thread subjects we can make describing our lack of access to pussy man. Besides, this is the off topic portion of the forum.

At any rate, I do have an interesting idea for a subject of a thread regarding pussy but I will probably wait another two days or so before posting it. You might enjoy it.


you’re allowed to talk about whatever you want. but it’s because you view it as a “giant tragic catastrophe.” that you could maybe benefit from a break.
just try to enjoy other things for a while and come back to it (politics).

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It is a catastrophe.

The vast majority of females swimming in Chad-cock atm would make this guy look like a modest, grateful monk if they suddenly found themselves in half as shitty a position as we’re in.

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My brain isn’t wired that way. I’m literally a mid thirty year old doomer.

You can’t unlearn what I’ve learned over the many years…

There’s simply no going back after you have eaten an entire jar of blackpills like I have.


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Sorry man, I just saw like 10 end of the world posts that night and got kinda overwhelmed with all of the info lol. I enjoy most of your posts so keep it up. :pepecool:

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