Black-pill and blue

When I was in the past, everybody knew that a relationship was based on looks. If someone wanted to be with you, it was because you looked cute. Personality would determine if you had a one-night stand or full relationship. If you had a bad personality, you got a one night stand, otherwise if you had a good personality, you got a relationship for months or years.

Relationships being based on looks was common knowledge, accepted back then like how mathematicians nowadays accept 2+2=4. Black-pill is an extremist reaction to extreme sjw social retardation. Black-pill is an excessive counter balance to social idiocy. Mass delusion and hysteria says 2+2=3 and that looks don’t matter. In the 90’s and 2000’s everyone knew looks matter. We don’t need black-pill and we don’t need blue. We just need science, reason, and logic to prevail in society.

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Better than both

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I’m an oldcel and I don’t believe it was common knowledge that looks > everything. I remember in college wondering if it was my looks or personality that attracted my GF.

We didn’t get any instruction one way or another tbh. Older men don’t want younger men sleeping with their daughters so ofc they’re not going to share any knowledge.

The high-school I went to was pretty based. Colleges tend to not be and have an atmosphere where you aren’t allowed to speak the truth about dating and intercourse.

If you believe this you’re an idiot

Looks really do matter the most, but if you have a bad personality you will at most only get a one-night stand or one-week relationship.

It’s possible for someone who isn’t that hot to grow on someone over time. When I was 22 I dated an obese Black woman even though I wasn’t into obese or Black. It started out as friendship and gradually developed into more than that. She sort of grew on me over time. I never thought she was hot but I did love her - there was real affection. I think it’s also possible for a woman to have an experience like this. Casual sex on the other hand really is a supply/demand sort of marketplace, but this was not like that. Love (not based on hotness or sexual attractiveness) is rarer than the alternative, though. But yeah, it’s totally possible to have an affectionate, loving relationship that is not based on hotness.

Also I think giving up all hope sexually or romantically can and does happen without being caused by feminist social justice warriors - there have always been guys who couldn’t get sex or a romantic relationship even before the feminist movement. As for giving up all hope and waiting to die, that sounds like a person who has symptoms of depression. Depression that might be chemical or genetic rather than dependent on events in a person’s life - a person can be suicidal and be relatively well off. Just look at Anthony Bourdain from CNN - he has his own TV show, travelled the world, ate all sorts of food, got married, had a daughter. Or Robin Williams. These people didn’t commit suicide because they were unsuccessful.

So yeah, that’s my opinion.

Robin didnt commit suicide, period, he was obviously murdered.

And women and men dont have equal dating platforms. Males might give bad looking women a chance, but its much harder the other way around, if you are male that is not chad and is not good income, you will usually struggle very hard.

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You call me an idiot and yet you give a low IQ response, take my comment out of context. Did you not even read my thread?

And yes, looks IS the #1 deciding factor. Anything else is red pill/PUA â– â– â– â– . Go learn game and then tell me how well it goes. The thing is, many good looking guys have enough game/personality to not creep out a woman.