Braincels did engage in bullying incels, and was largely misandrist

I wanted to defend Braincels for a bit but everytime I do I come to the conclusion that they were actually banned for a good reason. Here are reasons why I really don’t care that braincels is gone

**1. braincels users constantly engaged in copyright violation and defamation that did not fall under Fair Use protections

Blackops2cel is not a public figure. His photos he uploaded to Reddit are not Fair Use. They would not fall under fair use in any court. Blackops2cel is just the tip of the iceberg as far as bullying on that sub. And yes it was bullying. There were countless examples of people cropping copyrighted private social media photos and making memes out of them. Private social media photos are NEVER FAIR USE. The forum admins are not legally responsibly for such things under the safe harbour laws but if the members are continuously engaging in it, the admins would not want to deal with future legal inquiries.

Is it just that I am a stickler for the law? Nope, I wouldn’t dislike a place simply for copyright violaitons. However, the defamation was largely aimed at incel-type-people.

**2 Braincels users were constantly bullying incel-type-people and innocent men

Braincels had a thing after r/MDE got banned of making fun of men who display feminine character traits. Now given most incels are feminine (I DONT MEAN GENDER DYSPHORIC, we are not encouraging people to transition), words like “■■■■” and “soyboy” are anti-incel type words.

Braincels’ most common attack words were gendered. Against who?? MEN!


hmmm yeah, I can’t say I’m surprised… having been there a few times, it really wasn’t a great place.

on another note, is "soyboy” really anti-incel? I thought it was unrelated tbh.
I thought it was more of a “male-feminist” or “white-knight” term.
I mean, I guess any insult is an insult nonetheless. I just didn’t know.

Can’t really say I’ve had many good encounters with Incels from there… though it does seem like most of it is just an extreme form of catharsis. Better give them an outlet than have them commit acts of violence.

The kind of bullying they engage in is mostly also a crab bucket mentality… keep everyone miserable because misery loves company.

that makes sense, but on the other hand, sometimes giving people like that a place where they can feed off of one another will encourage those who would be violent anyway.

Liberal idiots feed off one another in broad daylight and are largely responsible for the problems in the first place.

Yes, true. But banning them from Reddit just means that those kids will just keep moving further further underground where sane people will no longer be able to reach them and question their beliefs.

for now they are just trying to regroup on Reddit. Not much of a regrouping elsewhere.
Even on .co. There has been no mass exodus so far. But honestly, seeing that it is mostly r/MDE types, not such a big deal

hmmm, fair point.
it might also make it harder to find for those who would join, but that’s not an equal trade-off.

thats good to know.

Braincels was my last outlet on reddit for me. I was banned from the /r/ForeverAlone sub, and /r/MGTOW.

I was banned from ForeverAlone for talking too much about the Black Pill. I used to identify as FA, but my last rejection was enough for me to see the light, far too much hope on the FA sub that I obviously didn’t fit in.

I was banned from MGTOW for responding to a meme that incel’s are whiney little bitches, and MGTOW are real men. I actually wrote a very constructive and detailed post about how MGTOW and incel are very different for various reasons, and that MGTOW should try to understand the plight of someone who is incel before acting like normies and IT’s. That one post, and that post alone got me banned from MGTOW.

After Braincels was banned, I went over to /r/Geekcels, but that too eventually was banned within 24 hours of Braincels getting killed off.

I’m hope this forum will become my new home.

I agree that it’s not fair use (I make sure to mainly use stock photos for my Youtube channel). However, there are a lot of sub reddits that post pictures of other people.