Buy a realdoll

I just bought mine. It takes several months to build her, as each are custom made.

I’ll post photos later of my doll when she arrives. I need to get in touch with RD to find out just how long exactly it will take for her to get here. I cant really have sex right now but it will be so nice to have someone pretty around to hug, kiss, sleep with, everything XD. Even buying clothes for her is exciting. Lonely no more. Alone, yes. But not lonely! XD

Spent almost 6k. Totally worth every penny. Im not even sure I will consider myself “incel” anymore once she gets here…

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I wouldn’t have a problem using a doll if I could afford it, but for 6k I’d rather get surgery lol

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I would never do anything to myself to please a female. Sorry.

I am who I am. I love myself for who I am. God made me the way I am for a reason.

Some people are meant to be ugly. Its ok to be ugly. You can learn to love your ugliness. Sounds crazy, but its true brocel

Also I am not just buying the doll for sex… I cant even physically have sex right now. Its more of a companion. Its wonderful just having a beautiful woman to sleep next to me at night and someone to cuddle on the sofa with. You see where Im going with this

You do know that you can order a Japanese body pillow with pretty much any anime character on it for less than $100, right?

Dude that is absolutely no comparison to this

Its like comparing a Yugo to a Lamborghini.

You win.

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That’s appealing to me too. I’m on medication and chronically ill so I don’t have much of a sex drive anymore. There’s no guarantee that you’ll have that connection with a doll tho.

Most of the guys I know on the dollpilled forum are totally in love with their dolls.

One of the guys I know whose doll literally broke in 5 different pieces (it was over 10 years old) had to have a funeral for his doll. He literally put it into a coffin and buried it on his rural property.

Lots of his friends came and there were lots of tears. I think I would have just taken the face off (you can do that) and sent it onto real doll for repairs and a new body.

This is a huge financial and emotional investment for me. Honestly, its the closest I think I will ever come to having a real girlfriend or wife.

If I can get one cheap or figure out how to build one I’ll consider it. I’ve been doing videos for adult sites so it might make some interesting videos.

Honestly the means is worth it to get to this end. As long as no one is getting hurt