Can Short Guys Get Hot Girls

Can Short Guys Get Hot Girls

I would actually retitle this to just, CAN SHORT GUYS GET GIRLS.

What I find astonishing is how delusional women are when it comes to height. I don’t think they actually know the difference between a guy who is 5’10" versus a guy who is actually 5’2". I think if they hear a man is under 6’, they automatically assume in their mind that he’s short, and looks like a guy who is 5’2". Watching this video just proves that even the host who is 5’10" they pretty much consider tall enough is fine, but were shocked to realize he’s under 6’0". I don’t think women truly know how to judge height.

What I really hate though, is if a man did this kind of body preference with with, it would be called shaming, and them doing this would be labels as misogynists.

So in other words, they’re bad with numbers, measurements. Yeah that’s definitely believable.

Not to mention that they don’t like fat shaming… except being short isn’t a choice, whereas being fat is mostly by choice.

That’s exactly it. If we men did that to them to the same extent they height shame men, we’d all be burned at the stake.

The double-standards of women continue.

From my experience it isn’t easy but it can be done. I am tall but my Scheuermanns makes me look smaller.

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Females are taught that none of their choices are bad and that whatever they do is “empowerment.”

Men are taught that even if nothing is their fault, to just suck it up and endure their shit life.

And those two statements accurately describe those saying they want “Equality.” It’s code for wanting to usurp men unjustly; it’s a power struggle, a zero-sum game, and nothing more. It’s from Cultural Marxist ideology that these double standards are generated and sustained. It’s an ideology that needs to be mercilessly wiped out. There’s no other solution.

Yes if they are at least upper middle class status or good looking.

jus statusmaxx bro

how fucking short are you guys then?

i’m the fucking shortest adult man in all of malmo. apart from midgets, but they aren’t really humans anyway so they don’t count…

I’m 6’1"

Still worse than a non-autistic 5’7", apparently.

you’re a tree.

look here, this is me. i don’t use that retarded french system you use for measurements, and you don’t use metric, but this is me.