Classic human herd manipulation in American rigged voting process

Ok gentlemen, this is how it works.

You completely rig the democratic voting caucus so that all potential voters on the fence reject the democratic party making it appear more untrustworthy than it already is thus shifting them towards voting for Donald Trump.

Why? Because the American political establishment and power brokers wants a Trump win in 2020, it’s that simple.

Donald Trump is the political status quo and with him kept in office you will get four more years of it.

This is how controlled opposition and staged political theater works because there really is no democracy in the United States from either political party where instead all political candidates are preselected for you from both parties. You only get to vote on candidates that were already preselected for you where you get to pat yourselves on the back afterwards enjoying the illusion of democracy and voting. Enjoy!

Every four years it’s the same thing, rinse and repeat as the cycle remains in sync.

Fucking bread and circuses for the dumb idiotic masses! Remember, don’t forget to go out and vote! Your vote matters, not! Heads they win, and tails they still win no matter what.

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Sheeple are subhuman.

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The sooner the Great Asteroid hits this world, the better.

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