College so far....#2

So I met this girl. I mean yeah I meet girls everyday but this one was different, You ever met someone that was almost exactly like you? It’s really really weird to explain it but we think alike. Have the same problems like making friends, being virgins, etc. But she never been around guys like this due to some of her personal background. But she really enjoys being around me. Doesn’t even want to date! That’s ultra rare. Idk if you guys care but I enjoy this community and figure to let you know.

That’s actually really good news… though I wouldn’t be pushing it if I were you. Just go with the flow do what feels natural.

The old school red-pill advice of ‘be a man and take charge’ is somewhat outdated, and yes… maybe you will get to date her if you follow this advice, but only because she’ll feel pressured into doing so, not because she genuinely likes you.

If a girl genuinely likes you she’ll actually make it easy, and make it obvious. You wouldn’t have to do anything at all, other than talk like you would with anybody else.

…if she doesn’t like you, it’s been over from the get go and there’s absolutely nothing you can do.

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thats excellent dude. good for you both :relaxed:

gonna echo what QuantumCat was saying and say “just be yourself”
(not mocking, it’s good advise)
you’ll enjoy each others company more if you don’t feel like your pretending all the time.

happy for you man.

Oh I definitely agree! Don’t even like taking charge because it’ll make the other person feel uncomfortable and that’s not my type of hype.