Computer hardware from 7 years ago is perfectly fine

I used to work in computer hardware and made a lot of money. However, I never spent the money on computer parts as they really are just money sinks. You can buy a new part for $3000 and then 2 years after the warranty runs it out dies.

You can get computer hardware that functions perfectly in 2019, even for gaming, for very, very little.

LinusTechTips and others did good summaries on it. Basically get

  • a used dedicated GPU from around 2012-2014 for $30
  • a 2012 complete PC for around $50 (decent CPUs usually come with certain models)
  • a new, discounted PSU for around $50 (should buy this in store)
    *A new SSD for around $30

and that’s it voila a ~$150 PC that can do pretty much anything or play pretty much any game. You can even buy multiple parts as insurance so you can just immediately swap them if they fail in a few years.

Now if there was just some good remote desktop technology with GPU acceleration for old cards, then laptops don’t really need to be expensive either.

Humankind keeps making bigger and better graphics, but these graphics pollute the ozone.

Techies like to say they aren’t boomers, but they are the same as boomers, same boomer genes and mindset. No different than a boomer trying to justify a muscle car. You just can’t reason with a chimpanzee.

I use an I-Pad because I can’t afford a lap top computer at the moment, I wish this place was more I-Pad friendly editing posts. Something to look into perhaps for mobile users?

was gonna test the site on ipad today, been a while since I did that

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I don’t think any $30 video card can run modern games in full hd with decent FPS. Can you give me an example of video card you’d buy for this price? I have found a GT 710 and equivalents…

I honestly don’t know as I only play like 1-2 games, but any GPU in the radeon hd7000 series should be fine for anything, and goes for $25-70

It turns out you’re right! After some research I learned that a Radeon 7770 can run modern games with decent FPS, as long as you accept the lowest graphics options – which you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be building a low end PC.