Damned if you do, damned if you do not

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Naomi Campbell literally keeps up with her looks with fucking cocaine and starvation. By aging “gracefully”, they really mean spend tons of money and lifelong dedication in keeping up with your looks but make it look effortless.

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I read an article that said that in the 1980s, a model’s typical lunch was a Diet Coke and a cigarette.

If it’s done well, a procedure won’t even register as plastic surgery when you examine the healed subject. The horror stories receive disproportionate coverage because the public loves hearing all the lurid details if an actor or actress has their face mangled—sort of a gapers’ delay effect.

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have you ever tried plastic surgery?

They were probably intermittent fasting without knowing it. Many people only eat one or two meals a day to lose weight. This whole meme is bs btw. “Letting yourself go” means letting yourself get fat and unhealthy and sloppy, but the picture of “Not letting herself go” is not much better because all she did was make herself look like an old clown with silicon implants.

that is just what you look like you when you get older

so not looking forward to becoming old :confused:

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I am so happy for her.

I disagree with this meme. Getting fake implants at the age of 40 or whenever you’re old not only reflects immaturity but also shows your insecure side. When you’re old, impressing people should be the last thing on your mind.

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Sometime impressing people is the only way to make a living to stay alive at that age. Not all countries have old age insurance like SSI

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Only 1 in 20 women past age 60 work, and when they do their jobs have nothing to do with their old wrinkly faces.

is that really true?

no lol