Do I qualify as a neet?

I work part time and I can never seem to find a job that is full-time or pays better even when I try to apply myself.

I basically do the bare minimum at work because there is no social mobility where for the most part when I’m not at work or college I stay home playing video games hanging out on the internet remaining comfy.

Definitely not a NEET.

NEET = Not in Employment, Education, or Training.

You’re in two of the three, and being in just one excludes you from the definition. NEET means basement dweller that is doing nothing else at all.

You can’t find a better job because everything is shit now. You’ll still be blamed for not succeeding, though. Especially by those Boomers. What do you study at College?

I’ve been through high school, 2-year Community College, 4-year University (Psychology Bachelor’s), and also a 2-year University again (Teacher’s Education) as of mid 2020.

At least in 2020, I’ll be eligible for work that pays at minimum like $40/hour (Canadian, or $30USD).

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Going to school to become an electrician.

Yeah, there is no jobs or opportunities in the United States as they’ve essentially destroyed the working class. At this point economic collapse would be a blessing for this shithole of a nation.

Not all NEETs live with parents, in countries that have good social welfare systems the unemployed can live on their own. For example they would have been paying rent then they lost their job and then they claim social welfare to pay the rent.

Not all “basement dwellers” are NEETs either, I think this is why normies tend to hate on men who live with parents, because they assume we are NEETs. In actual fact a basement dweller could be paying more bills themselves than a NEET who lives in own apartment. In a country like UK for example

All incels deserve neetbux imo and also more neetbux than before of course. You can’t expect someone who’s been rejected and socially ostracized for long periods to somehow integrate into society.

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After the night I had at my soul crushing part time wagie job today I wish I was a fucking neet.