Does it Really Make a Difference?

I’m super curious… If any of us had sex would it really make a difference. Like I don’t mean in a just get better don’t be a ■■■■ way. I also don’t mean that relationships don’t matter, cause a good partner could really add some color into your day. I mean in a pure intercourse manner, if you could have sex with one person, one time, that you thought was a 10/10 and no one came within seconds and they liked it and all, what do you think it would improve for you?

If you don’t think it would fix anything either, lemme know

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Actually, most incels (male and female) just want a deep and meaningful relationship with somebody who isn’t going to ditch and ghost them after a mere 2 weeks. :ok_hand:

The whole Sex thing has really just been co-flated with Having a Girlfriend for some stupid reason… probably because of the sex-obsessed society we live in … in fact I think the word Incel just needs to cease to exist. Involuntary Loneliness would be a far better label.

You can be perfectly capable of getting laid without being capable of scoring an actual date. I fall into this category… I could easily have sex with a good looking woman from Tinder if I wanted to. Them wanting to actually go on a date with me is a wholly different story… and not to mention the fact that 99% of them already have boyfriends and are bisexual women who got bored and just wanted to bang a chick for a night.

I don’t know why it always baffles people when I have to explain just how little I give a shit about sex. It’s easier for me to just turn the left cheek and pretend that I’m a narcissistic jerk with high standards… just play along with the narrative that was written for me. What can you do?


no, that would not change anything.


“invlo”? “in-lon”? let’s pick one. this is now a thing.

well theres already tfl (true forced loneliness) but nobody uses that outside some incel vloggers

@Katarana Having sex one time doesn’t change anything. I’ve had that happen a couple times (once five years ago and once seven years ago) and I never came out a “sexual butterfly”. If there is something wrong with you or off about you, having sex one time with someone won’t change that. The notion that everything changes after you have had sex is a myth.

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I’m happy that I was not confused. I really didn’t know what the infatuation was with sex from what I was seeing in other places. I don’t see how one lay really does anything for you but I guess we all knew that lol.


It might help somewhat in terms of acquiring experience, and maybe some kind of temporary confidence boost.

But overall, not very much. Sex is naturally part of being with someone (at least eventually), but it is the loneliness that hurts more.

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