Donald Trump to make announcement

Donald Trump is making an announcement in twenty minutes or so where I think it is going to be nationwide.

I pray to the god Loki, we’re about to enter world war III.

Fuck this gay earth, I am remaining very positive and hopeful.

Economic sanctions only? WTF?

A bunch of flaming pussies around here! You had one thing to do god damn it! You blew it! You’re suppose to create a new world war and cause total destruction across the planet! Fuuucccckkk!

Can’t even get a decent happening nowadays, unbelievable…

I’m severely disappointed now.

It was a peace making speech.

Businessmen aren’t warmongers. War is only good for one industry, and it’s not real estate.

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I’m sad now and severely disappointed.

It has really hurt my feelz man.

To put a positive spin on this, we still have total global economic collapse as well as the economic collapse of the United States to look forward to just like the Russian Soviet Union in the early 1990s. This was Donald Trump’s and the United States the ‘emperor has no clothes’ international moment being that everybody has become too pussified to push the giant red doomsday button.

I hate that though, because economic collapse can go on for a long time or for several years and decades before a great happening finally materializes. I’m impatient, I want it to end now, I don’t want to have to wait even more years god damn it. Been watching this shit since 2000 and I have fucking doom fatigue where I’m starting to develop post traumatic stress syndrome, unreal.

Just fucking end it all already. I want my great happening, do-over, and giant global reset god damn it!


also Ares is the god of war

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Yes, but Loki is the god of primordial chaos and basically for me is the best god. He is the truest male god of them all.

economic collapse to look forward to? Its already here

its like 15 dollars for a standard meal at a coney island and minimum wage is 7.25 dollars

I don’t approve of eating meat, but for financial reference a burger costed 18 cents in 1970. Minimum wage in 1970 was 1.60

so yeah society is shit-tier tbh


You haven’t seen nothing yet, this is just the icing on a seven layer cake. The real fun and chaos hasn’t even begun yet. You will know when the bullets start flying everywhere and there is thousands of people starving to death daily in the streets.