Empathy as necessary for relationships

I think the reason that I have no close friends or relationships is because I don’t have emotional empathy. Like I can see someone smiling, identify that they must be feeling happy, but I don’t feel any happiness from someone else’s happiness. Or like I can see a homeless person is unhappy, and I can imagine being homeless (which must suck) but other people’s unhappiness doesn’t make me unhappy (which is why I don’t mind the presence of homeless people). I think these things mean that I don’t have emotional empathy and I think that emotional empathy is a requisite thing for relationship forming. Perhaps that’s why people with narcissistic personality disorder have no close friends - they have no emotional empathy. I also think that perhaps autism spectrum people have this problem. I think that this is a big contributor to incel-dom. Lemme know if you don’t have empathy and if you have a mental health disorder or personality disorder.

Update Or maybe the reason I have no long term relationships (other than my mother) is that I just don’t care about anyone other than myself. Or maybe I don’t want to maintain a relationship with anyone. I’m not 100% sure.

people with narcissistic personality disorder are just usually jerks. no offense, but it’s true.

as someone who does have, and feel empathy, I can tell you, empathy is not the magic bullet you make it sound like.
if it were I wouldn’t be single. I mean yeah, it helps, a lot, when trying to form bonds. but there are plenty of people in loveless marriages or who are just together for convenience, people who gain mutually from each other. I’m not saying those are good relationships, but they exist.

call it what you like, but if you think/know that the lack of empathy is getting in your way, then get around it.
if it’s afflicting you, then practice empathy even if you don’t feel it. there are plenty of books, heck even a google search would help get you started.
if you know thats your problem, then set some goals to do each day. if you see something that makes you think you should feel empathy then do what you’d think someone with empathy would do.
practice, practice, practice.

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I didn’t even read OP because I can just tell it will be ■■■■■■ AF.

If empathy was necessary for relationships then we’d be seeing way fewer females in relationships.

Yeah, maybe this is bullshit.

The reason you are this way is because you have been incel far too long. Others people’s happiness you don’t feel joyful for, because you feel like you aren’t included as part of the group, as one of them. This can only be cured with sex.

@Restart80 Empathy is needed for functional relationships, most relationships nowadays are dysfunctional. Chads, thots, etc. rarely have relationships anyway, its mostly one night stands. Autists tend to be more emotionally dysfunctional its true, but the problem is worsened when society treats autists like crap and usually excludes them from relationships. Its not so much the chicken or egg, but that it is both a combination of chicken adding to the egg.

Not sure if sex alone would cure it, as many would still feel empty after seeing a prostitute… Having a lover, a girlfriend perhaps might be a better answer.

Sorry if this is what you meant though, and I took it too literally.