Escortcelling is a gravy train that won't last forever

Enjoy it while you can friendos because many manospherians are predicting it won’t last forever. With women becoming more and more powerful soon it could be like a Japan where paying women will get you a hug, or even less than that.

The oldest profession in human history isn’t going anywhere. This is a failed attempt by the MGTOW community to try to make feminism and women look worse than they already are.

People with conservative values have been trying to outlaw and ban prostitution for centuries, and it’s never happened. Look at it this way, there are far more religious people in America than prostitutes, and/or people who use them. Considering they outnumber working girls and John’s combined, that should be enough in terms of votes to put an end to the profession, yet it’s never happened. It can be policed, but not stopped.

Now let’s talk about feminism and prostitute. Feminists like to proclaim that prostitution is the shaming and sexualization of women, and it needs to be stopped. But some feminists also like to proclaim that it’s a woman’s right in how she uses her body, and what she does with it. Like most things that come from the feminist agenda, it always contradicts itself. You’ll have women who like conservatives will want to put an end to it, making it illegal, with hard consequences if caught engaging in it. Then on the flip side of that, you’ll have feminists who’ll promote and uphold the profession as their choice, and liberating.

Escorts aren’t going anywhere. They may become more difficult to try and locate in some areas, and more accessible in others.

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