im talkin evolvin’ the species. I’m talkin, non-darwinian (or semi-darwinian) evolucation.

im saying males have unironically shit-tier existences. Look at the male. Males tend to look ugly in the face, look at em they are always mean and serious lookin’ too.
Pic of typical male.

Age 2 all males know is the mother. Males think they are females but quickly realize they are male and will have shit-tier lives around age 5 or so.

I’m saying parents should not give kids gendered toys, but toys of both genders. But that giving kids sex-changes is too far. Although tbh we’d have a better soyciety if there was more females than males tbh. But the thing im worried about what if these kids grow up and get sex-change regret or something,.

One thing I know for sure, circumcision needs to be banned. Lets ban circumcision then wait a few years see how it goes. Scientific method says u must wait a bit, otherwise too many variables and guessing around.

Now what i meant by evolucation is this. Transcendence and ascencion. Im saying we need to change male DNA to have wider hips. Male dna is unironically shit-tier dna. Wider hips are more attractive and generate more torque in hand to hand combat, this also means better torque during physical labor jobs, even though robots will take those jobs anyway by then. Basically its just better.

Second part is the anime appearance. In anime the males look the same as females, and animes are utopian societies. This will bring true equality and females wont have absolute dating power anymore.

Now lets look at it sexually. There are 3 types of women. Chadsexuals, bisexuals, and lesbians.

This is why males fail unironically all the time.

If you want to be manly man (default low effort male) with bad aesthetics, u will fail.
This is because you are trying to attract chadsexuals who only want the top 0.1% of men.
U live life on 007 difficulty mode u must fight off 100s of males to be the alpha. There is no parity only hypergamy.

The only hope for parity is with bisexual women.

song of evolution