Experiences with Makeup? Beginner Tips?

I thought I was the only one, but someone else posted about having trouble with makeup so I was wondering what the other femcels experiences were and if improving makeup made a difference.

Also, do you know where there’s good advice for beginners? Everyone in tutorials seems to assume you already know a lot of stuff and have a bunch of products.

Here are some examples of before and after (and YES, some have TOO MUCH makeup, but it does make a difference)

Tell me more about your road to femcel I am curious to hear it.

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic…

anyway, I have no real experience with make-up, but before and after photos may not be the best way to learn.
I’d think of learning make-up like learning to draw, you’ll get way more from watching the process than you would from just seeing the final art piece.

having said that, a quick youtube search for “Makeup Beginner Tips” yielded a ton of results, maybe start there (unless someone else can offer some actual practical advice).

I do know that the best application of make-up is to make you feel pretty, not to actually change the way you look.
oh and good luck.

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Thanks for the suggestions. It’s just kind of overwhelming (and I suck at drawing), but I think I should just start trying even if I’m terrible at it. I tend to get frustrated with things and then just stop - the perfectionist mindset.

yup, I know how that is…

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