Extreme hypergamy a consequence of crony capitalism

Theory: Extreme sexual hypergamy and an overly hyper competitive sexual market system is a natural consequence of neo-liberal crony capitalism or the dying late stage end of economic capitalism itself manifested in social interaction between members within society of both genders. Discuss below.

Women just aren’t sexually attracted to most men. Thus there are confidence and money memes in order to seduce women. If women had an legit actual sexuality for males then money wouldn’t matter.

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I disagree, but most people here are already acquainted with my beliefs on the subject.

If women experienced real lust for men like males do for women, then they wouldn’t be obsessed with confidence and meme money. Also there wouldn’t be such rage about metoo and shaming of male sexuality. Things would be different.

It would be like how men prefer a woman who has money, but doesn’t actually need a woman to have money in order to have sex with her.

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As I keep saying or reiterating throughout this entire forum a woman’s sexuality is purely economic only where everything else comes secondary.

As for rich wealthy women, they did a study on their marriage or dating patterns where it turns out they’re only sexually attracted to men that are more economically wealthier than they are by and large. Being a poor-cel fucking sucks man, the price for pussy is too damn high!

Attraction to currency is not a sexuality.

Here is a better way to explain it. Sometimes when I was waiting at the bus I’d talk to strangers, ask them about their job, etc. They told me that they “like their job”. This is equivalent to how women say they “like their man”. Its not that most people truly enjoy their job, or that most women truly lust for their husbands, its just something people say. Having sex with most men, is, for women, a job. A job is something most people would rather not do, but are willing to do once given money.

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Women are attracted to power, dominance, social influence, material excess, and providability where in post modern societies money is a representation of all of that concerning male public manifested social status.

Attracted but thats not sexual attraction.

Here’s an example. Some males are attracted to dominant women like dominatrices, queens, tall women etc. But the underlying sexuality of these males is attraction to women. These males are still willing to fuck shorter women, having sex with women is something they want. and they offer it for free. Whereas having sex with men is something most women try to avoid and demand payment first.

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Even the poor Chad is traded up for the rich or wealthy Chad by the modern woman, all comes down to money, social influence, dominance, and economic buying power of men which I think speaks volumes of the absurdity that is ideological feminism.

Yes but back to the job meta4, its like for women, having a husband is like a job, they demand payment for it. But then again there are dream jobs, for instance jobs people actually seriously love doing. So for instance, pretty boys, gigachads etc would be like a dream job equivalent. Women are willing to even approach pretty boys and gigachads and give free sex to them, like many people have hobbies that also are jobs, but are passionate about doing it.

But on average most women feel disgust at hominid males, the disgust is based on looks not money.
As was said earlier its over for hominidcels, women do not rage at dogs humping leg but if a hominid male humps leg the woman rages and feels disgust. Hominid males just have bad aesthetics.

For instance in your video about lions, notice the female lion does not have any real disgust at the male beta lions, rather the alpha lion just hogs all the women to himself. But there is no female disgust in the species. Hominids are different because females of the species feel a physical disgust at most of the males in our species.

Women do not suddenly develop sexual attraction to rich men. For example in your gold-digging videos you posted, the women has no sexual attraction to the man. But then when he reveals he is a millionairre, then all of a sudden the woman chases after him. This is not sexual attraction but just the response of someone interested in a job offer and chance of fortune. For instance most men would not enjoy having sex with most other men. But if a man offered a man 1 million dollars to suck his cock, many men would jump at the opportunity, if not the for cultural stigma against it. Women don’t have this cultural stigma and are actually encouraged to do that behavior, that’s the only difference really.

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But a majority of Chads are not low income poor wagies, so there’s that also.

Basically reinforces my world view even more.

Well I have seen poor and financially destitute chads still get lots of girls.

However there is also the thing of, Chads automatically get hired and job promotions more so are less chance of being poor also.

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Basically all the poor Chads have a sexual monopoly on the poor Beckies until their looks fade if at all, however even the Beckies nowadays think they’re entitled to the rich wealthy Giga-Chads. There’s much animosity between the poor and rich Chads because basically being a rich wealthy Giga-Chad you can get Beckies, Stacies, or any damn kind of woman you want. Being a poor Chad isn’t what it use to be especially when you have the rich Giga-Chads plowing through women like socks they change daily.

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Yes its true that Chads can only get beckies unless they moneymax. Female standards seem to be increasing and increasing. Although this only applies to Chads, if you are a Gigachad sometimes even Stacies will want you although of course it will be harder if you are poor.


If you’re poor and not a Chad you’re basically rendered to an imposed celibate male public servant [if you’re employed and not basically homeless.] living a lifestyle of self flagellation as a castrated eunuch. No females want anything to do with you where basically in the modern social economic caste you’re deemed one of the unworthy untouchables. [It becomes your original sin of which there is no literal or figurative repentance.]

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