Female teachers were never attracted to me growing up, they always went for the jocks

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I wish that I was raped by a hot female teacher in high school, I would whisper to her in the ear, "It’s okay, I can keep secrets where I won’t tell anybody. It will be between just us. Fondle me and my pee-pee as much as you want, I won’t resist but I can pretend to if you wish ".

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weird i was just looking at female teacher porn about a few minutes ago.

It’s almost like we live in a rigged world.

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“I’ve been a bad boy, spank me real hard with that ruler over a desk my lady, I’ll be your teacher’s pet” .

I tried to ascend with my teachers when I was in school but failed. We live in a dystopia where only the lucky few get to fulfill the fantasy.

Also note that its been years since I looked for female teacher porn, and the moment I look for it someone makes this thread.

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It’s God’s way of telling you that you live in hell where he is mocking you and everybody else on this board taking tremendous pleasure in our collective misery. Fuck that guy…

thots float in the air

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But wait, there’s more.


pretty badass movie. They should make a movie in that 60’s style about john calvin.

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