Are you full-filled?

Estrogen causes full-fillment. Reversion to purity, cleanliness. Full-filled. Women with high estrogen tend to be fullfilled, thus less active, less likely to build.

Generally, the traditional format follows: Feminine, Masculine, Feminine, or Masculine, Feminine, Masculine, Feminine, the stories usually have a feminization effect (or feminine masculinzation effect) at the end of the story.

Follow the following chart, in terms of world socialization:

In summation: Depressed is the highest state of being, pot is a depressant. Depressed is the opposite of the modern word “depression”. Modern depression is really a pressure, boredom is a pressure, pressure formed as an imbalance, either a lack or too much pressure in relation to inner and external world. Depression refers to nihilism, voidpill, lack of movement, a pressurization (imbalance of internal and external pressures.)

Ego is only bad when starting from manic male state. Starting from world-state, it can branch into one of 5 states, transforming into either manic male, normal male (healthy), 100% feminine (healthy), or manic female (healthy). It can transform into manic male (unhealthy) or absence, nothing, asexual (unhealthy).

Flaw in the English language is that asexual can refer to two opposites (like the flaw of the word depressant and depression.) Asexual in this case, refers to unhealthy state (absense of movement/energy) rather than its opposite, healthy state, full-fillment, hermaphrodism, etc. Hermaphrodism refering to a fluctuation between the 3 healthy states, normal male, 100% feminine, and manic female.

Earth realms is in unhealthy state, mixed with healthy states. 100% feminine (bliss state) is not attainable when world is in chaos and unstable states, human brain also is not chemically capable of perpetual full-fillment.

In summation, women usually do not build, because they are already in estrogenic full-fillment. Thus creation is masculine, with exception hermaphrodism, non 100% feminines, or manic females. Most women are not in 100% feminine state but in Earth’s current agon, unhealthy state.

I still think you exhibit manic (or hypomanic) symptoms and could use a drug that has an anti-manic effect like Olanzapine or maybe Lithium (which typically works best for classic type I bipolar) or maybe Lamictal (which typically works best for type 2 bipolar with more depression than mania and less severe mania called hypomania). You can Google the types of bipolar.




It’s common for people with manic or hypomanic symptoms to deny or not recognize that they are manic or hypomanic. Typically bipolar people only seek out help for depression but in practice “down” depression (at least for me and for another bipolar person who I know) follows “up” mania or hypomania. You might be able to avoid depression (and potentially some social or personal issues) if you get that treated. You can say “fuck you” all you want but this comes out of a desire to help.

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