Getting a girlfriend

What advice would you give me for trying to find my first girlfriend ?

dont overthink

you should honestly just give up and play video games all day

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Be social IRL, dating apps are for-profit, and they exploit average/ugly dudes to turn a profit. Ask friends to hook you up. Like jobs, successful dating for the late inexperienced relies heavily on nepotism.

If you have not had success so far, your dating success is really going to be predicated on the generosity of your friends. Warm meetings are one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs known to man.

Depends on the girl

Set the right goal first.

If your primary goal is to get a girlfriend, you’ll miss that goal and end up frustrated. It’s also a goal that you can’t have control over since it does depend on luck and proper circumstances.

What is the right goal then? Be the best version of yourself.

  1. Get your physical health in order, workout CONSISTENTLY. You’ll feel better and it’ll make you more confident. To make it easier to be consistent, pick a sport that you find fun so that working out doesn’t feel like a chore.
  2. Get your career/education in order, women are attracted to ambitious men. Your money RIGHT NOW doesn’t matter, what matters is that women can see that you have the POTENTIAL of being rich and successful in the future
  3. Get your social life in order. Get out of your comfort zone and make new friends, if they like you then you’ll have a good reputation among them. Women like men with good reputations so you’d likely start attracting the friends of your friends.
  4. Take responsibility for your own shortcomings. If women find you boring, don’t blame women for that, instead make yourself more fun and interesting. If women think you’re too negative, then fix that about yourself.
  5. Most importantly, be humble. We don’t all deserve to be with women that are 10/10. Aim for a woman that is within your league (taking your looks and career/education/money into account). Pick a girl that would pick you.

If you can achieve the above goals, then by natural coincidence you’ll end up attracting women and you’ll get a girlfriend.

Now get off this forum and go forth and prosper, my child.

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I’ve been in numerous relationships since I was a teenager, I’m now 31 and with the girl I plan to be with forever. I thought I would dispense a little knowledge.Take it or leave it.

Firstly, study that Elliot Rogers dudes personality, study it hard, because your first lesson is to be the polar opposite of that guy. If you can avoid being a simpering, entitled, selfish edgelord you’re already 3/4 of the way there.

Secondly, don’t ‘try’ to find a girlfriend. Try to be a chill guy. Think of someone you are super comfortable with; a friend, a cousin, whoever. Think of the relaxed way you guys chat and try to replicate that in all social situations. The more comfortable you act, the more comfortable people will feel around you - men and women. A really likeable personality will at the very least put you on the radar. At best it’ll make you genuinely attractive.

When it comes to looks, just work with what you’ve got. Do yourself some favours, stay clean, smell nice, brush your teeth and hair, clean your ears… Don’t obsess over muscles, hair or appearance like I see so many ‘incel’ people doing. The fact is that most people in this world are average or below average looking and yet the human race continues. Image is not the be all and end all.

Do not obsess over one girl, or one kind of girl… We all have ‘types’ but sometimes our type isn’t available. be open to the idea of lots of different women of different sizes, shapes, races, beliefs, styles… You never know who may just turn out to be perfect for you.

To MEET girls, don’t artificially insert yourself into awkward situations. Don’t approach a stranger in the parking lot of True Value… In my personal opinion bars and your workplace are not really optimal, either. Join clubs and evens, be social. Join book clubs, movie nights, gaming parties, cheese and wine tasting events - whatever floats your goat. Girls will be there and if they are there they are looking to be social, meet and chat.

Most important of all, be chill.


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Crabs in a bucket theory

Watch the film Birthday Girl Will



I’ve only had one real romantic relationship and it was someone who I met through . I tried a bunch of sites but that one is one of the best. Make a really good profile and be open. For photos I just use a good cell phone camera and a selfie stick / tripod.

Other than that, a woman recommended and . Live in or near a major city and find events. I never got a romantic relationship that way, but at least it’s fun.