Going to admit... men have it harder in some ways


yeah well I’m ftm so I guess I experienced both sides, I think both are awful, but I think girls are just nicer and even femcels have better personalities than mancels.
Also i’d rather stay incel than get fucked like in the greentext

Yea, I did have an ex ask me to be aggressive and pin her against the wall and initiate that way, but the other half of the time she was a nanny-state control freak always complaining and nagging. It’s hard to know what to feel when your woman is always breaking u down…

Being a virgin for long periods of time is going to hurt your personality. Many incels have also little social interaction while femcels are more likely to.


Being a male virgin is a medical condition you are born with. Society has developed a hateful dogma against those who suffer from this condition.


If girls know that you’re FTM then they’re going to be nicer to you than they are to the average male.

It’s like bi/lesbian girls saying that women are nicer or better than men… it’s because they aren’t treated like men.

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I want to do something to her that if I say post will be deleted, so I won’t say it

Ftm huh? Any truth to this comic?



My 18 year old sister believes she’s male and has entertained the thought of going FTM.

I just told her you don’t want to do it. Being male sucks in modern society especially. Btw, she’s only like 5’2". She does look somewhat masculine and also very closely resembles me. So yeah, basically a weaker and arguably even more neurotic version of me while being 11 inches shorter. Literally the only advantage she would have as a FTM is that she is biologically XX.


I’m confused as to what’s going on in this thread…

Either way, I seriously hope people aren’t using gender reassignment as a dating strategy. That’s retarded and it will also hurt the transgender community in more ways that you realize.

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Being a man you have to protect and provide, be the main bread earner in the family according to the society, can’t complain or express your emotions or you’d be labelled as weak.

Men do have it hard. Women want to be men so bad but I guarantee you a good chunk of them would cry and complain doing man things.

Thank you for this post. It’s nice to see some people realize that men have it hard.

Just lol @your sister not realising her little teenaged female coochie organ is worth it’s weight x50k in platinum in today’s messed up world

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She hasn’t done gender reassignment surgery yet. My mom wouldn’t allow her, but at 18 she hasn’t said anything about it.

She actually had a boyfriend (who was bi or heavily leaning towards homosexual), and got dumped by him for a biological XY.

This is truly insanity. Here I am hearing about how some guy dumped a girl (my sister) for another guy because he’s just that gay, and I am 8 years older, straight as shit, and never had one girlfriend.

I think by the time she is in her early 20s she will accept being female just because of how blatantly obvious it is that embracing femininity would be such a benefit. And unlike these MTF, all she would need to do is grow her hair long and put a little make-up on.

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I’ve noticed that women in western countries especially millennials are straying towards the “I feel more like the opposite gender so I want to transition to one” idea which is ridiculous

If you go to any Eastern European or even countries where feminism isn’t prominent, you’d see that this weird shit is basically non existent.

I really do hope your sister remains your sister and doesn’t become your brother down the line.

I mean feminism isn’t prominent in India but there’s been transgenderism in another form for hundreds of years.

I think there’s been trans forever just we haven’t spoken about it and non of them have been famous except the cross dresser RuPaul in the 80s.


Holy shit ■■■■-nada truly is bizarro world man and you’re living it

Let him be trans. Be accepting and supportive (even if you’re not used to using “he” instead of “she”, etc). Bottom surgery can happen after years of hormones and other surgeries like breast reduction - there is no rush. Testosterone makes the clit grow into like a little fake dick, so bottom surgery might not even be necessary (some people just get a good dildo and/or strap on). There’s lots of resources and info online and on YouTube (I’ve been watching this YouTuber). Just let him research, think it through, and do whatever makes him happy.

what kind of degeneracy are you promoting

“let him be trans”

no that’s not normal, not to mention she’s not even 18. Man the sadness of todays world… where did we go wrong

Trans people are real. They are rare (like half a percent being trans), but still real. Those who are not accepted are at a greater risk of suicide. Their happiness matters, and nobody should be increasing anybody else’s risk of suicide.

To explain trans better, I wrote this article: “Trans” Explained For People Who Aren’t Trans

I like this trans YouTuber: Some children are transgender, and that’s okay

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