Got got hugged by a girl recently

For a while now I work at a Starbucks. There’s a pretty girl who works there, and we small talk and have convos here and there when I see her.

Like most people I just assumed she was not lesbian. But my friends are now saying she is bi???
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Today she saw me walking and jokingly asked me why I didn’t say hi to her. After that I told her that I didn’t see her and she opened her arms to give me a hug. Then I hugged her and she even said that I looked good today. I’m a girl who rarely ever gets attention from women and I have social anxiety. I can’t even remember the last time I hugged a woman who wasn’t in my family. It feels super good.

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Is that a GIF of you?


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You should heck how she treats other girls. If she treats them the same don’t ask her out (or maybe do if you can take the risk). If she really doesn’t treat them the same then she might be into you but it’s no guarantee.

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Super glad for you. Sounds amazing


Congrats tho

Ask her out on a date after work!