I have gynecomastia, which basically means I have boobs.

My situation isn’t as bad as the guy on the wiki page, but my boobs are noticeable even when I’m wearing t-shirt.

Having this condition has always made my self confidence and self esteem to stay low. I feel ashamed of taking my t-shirt off in front of people. Because of this I avoid beaches and similar places at all costs.

It’s ugly and disgusting.

Good news: Plastic surgery solves this.
Bad news: It’s very expensive and recovery takes a lot of time

I already contacted a doctor. My total spending would be equivalent to 500 hours of my work. Yes, I have to save 500 hours of working only to pay the bills. I also would need to stay home for 3 to 4 weeks.

I’m preparing myself economically and psychologically for this surgery. This is going to be a game changer in my life.

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Could it be caused by a chromosomal abnormality?

I think being born XXY significantly increases the chances of gynecomastia, or so I heard something along those lines.

There are many possible sources for this problem. In my specific case it’s just that my body likes to put fat in this region.

It’s a relatively simple procedure, the doctor just need to remove the fat under my skin. Pretty much a liposuction.

doesnt even look hot like stacie boobs. sad

have you thot about injecting t into your boobs?

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why would I think about this

curious about the science about it, plus surgery is icky to me tbh

There is a surgery you can undergo to have it removed but it is costly in terms of money.

try cutting out all mammal estrogens, especially cheese and milk. Eat meat once per day, up your carbs and ask a naturopathic doctor to prescribe you TRT. might be cheaper than surgery.

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Are you sure you have to stay home and miss a month of work? I inquired about something similar and was told a month but only because my work can be physically demanding at times. They said if it was office work I could do that in a week or two.

I’d be unable to drive my car.

Oh I guess maybe that’s why.

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@ThatsLife Eating meat is evil and besides it has estrogen in it. And why would u recommend to increase carbs, that makes no sense.

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I eat lots of meat and drink huge amounts of milk, and do not have gynecomastia.

Going vegan will do worse in terms of pursuing a more masculine appearance (i.e. looking like a weakling). Veganism is not healthy. Occam’s Razor. Sometimes the simple explanation is the best one. Humans are clearly meant to be omnivores. Any diet that deviates to one extreme (carnivore) or the other (herbivore) is inferior to an omnivore diet for this reason.

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Abrahamic 1-0 binary mindset once again.

People think the only potentials are either eating meat, or veganism. A testament to how America’s ways of thinking have become. Absolute polarity and partisanship as part of the ways of the American.

If I stop eating meat I’ll be vegetarian by definition. Vegetarianism and veganism aren’t the same thing, but both require stop eating meat.

Vegetarianism is the best lifestyle, veganism doesn’t work unless you eat a lot of supplements.

[citation needed]

I drink so much milk an unhealthy amount

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Hindu scriptures say Vegetarianism is the Noble way.