Has a person interested in you ever told you they love you?

(not family, not jokey, romantic and sincere)

  • yes
  • no

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Yes HOWEVER I suspect they may have been lying

yes, I didn’t reciprocate at the time, but we later became better friends and tried dating.

it didn’t work out and we broke up shortly after (didn’t remain friends).

Ya, but I feel like it’s more societal pressure to say it than people actually feeling it.

In the context of a relationship?

Ya, like I’ve never been in love before, to the extent I feel like it might not even be a real thing, but I still say it myself and so do they

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never had a person interested in me

love is for the dogs

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Never genuinely. I’ve been led on a few times though.

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how so?

Like, pranked by being fake “flirted” with only to be called ugly in the end.


I feel you

I’ve had a person say she loved me, but she didn’t want to be with me. Go figure :smiley: :smiley:

“I love your emotional and/or financial support however I lust for Chad’s dick. Sorry.”

Yes, more than once in online relationships.

Then one day they ghost and it all means nothing. So yeah who cares.