Hate and Psy Wars

Please watch this video in the background while reading my topic.

What is hate? Why do feminist qyeens say they are against hate? When they frequently post anti-male things and post hateful things against people they don’t like? What is a PsyWar? Imagine if you could control people’s minds, where you are allowed to hate all males but all males are not allowed to hate you. Imagine if you can sexualize your body and wear slutty clothes, and sexually entice males, but then hate males for being sexually enticed by you.

Imagine a war, in a war it is males fighting males mostly. There is a danger in war in combat. But imagine if you could win a war, without having to fire one shot, or be in danger. Imagine if you could simply convince the enemy not to even fight in a war. Then the war would be won, before it even began. Imagine committing genocide, without even one drop of blood. Imagining getting an entire population not to reproduce, which is the same as genocide.

High IQ

This is exactly what they mean when they say they are against hate. They ONLY mean hate against themselves.

Psy war implies this is all a huge conspiracy. More likely, this is just a manifestation of misandry, solipcism, and female mental illness (especially Cluster B personality disorders). It’s gained so much steam mainly from humans innate gynocentrism.

Females obviously lack self-awareness, which means they are incapable of organizing a conspiracy. At least, not consciously.

It’s more like rich men (ironically) funding these retarded movements such as feminism and fanning the flames of the destructive side of femininity while exploiting gynocentrism to control average males, so-to-speak. So there is a conspiracy being run by rich (and evil) men, with its foot soldiers as unaware, stupid, animalistic THOTs, as well as gynocentrically enslaved cucks and simps. All of them are mentally inferior, of course. It would be like if I were suddenly rich and evil. All too easy to control such inferior, short-sighted creatures to do my bidding without any awareness that they are being manipulated.

Yeah but what’s the point of the conspiracy? Like what’s in it for them?

Oh yeah, only one of many examples right here.

If someone posts shit like this, it’s a red flag. It means they know they’re a piece of shit but can’t handle getting what they deserve for their behaviour. It’s more self-serving bull shit masquerading as some form of rudimentary altruism.

“Your anger will pass.” Whoever said that must not be familiar with the concept of Incel.

Imagine being lectured by a female about self-control when females cannot even keep themselves off the cock carousel to their long-term detriment. Fucking pathetic. I’ll talk in whatever way I determine for myself is justified, as an intelligent male and as a superior being to these marginally sentient creatures.


Divide and conquer.

Also, here’s one example. What do you get when you double the amount of available labour? You cut the value of labour in half. So those Capitalists now have more available workers by “emancipating” females and can pay everyone less. That’s only one reason as to why our purchasing power is diminishing, but it is one reason.

Example #2 of this shit. This one was another gaslighting, lying POS. A dime a dozen. All the same stupid fucking rhetoric. “You CAN’T be mean to me ever, no matter what I do.”

Yes these are two completely different people. I know both of them, but they don’t even know each other. What they both have in common is that they are female and that they are lying sacks of shit.

Must be nice preaching about being a nice person but then being able to conveniently forget about it whenever you want. Stupid fucking ■■■■■.