Have you ever sent a dick pick?

Never got one after like 7 years of online dating. Is it a chad tactic?

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never received one before either

Back when I had a penis, I Actually sent a SOLICITED one for a girl once. But she lived pretty far and we never had any chance to meet. She made me feel quite loved but she could never make me feel as lovable.

I have never ever ever ever sent an unsolicited one tho


Only once, she though i was bullshitting with 7.7×6.2

I loved that women, she got threated very badly by society, i havn’t heard from her after she escaped the swedish authorities, hopefully she is fine.


your dick is 6 inches wide?

I got a dick pic once…

from taking a pic of my dick

no circumference of 6.2

God I wish my dick was 6 inches wide

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you would die from blood loss if you got an erection

Sounds like an excuse :thinking:

Back in the day when it was cool. Now it’s asking for trouble. Girls are onto the whole online sex thing and have weaponised it.(as well as plenty of primo chads). Shame, used to be a cool thing to exchange pics. Not sure that people want to see a dick first up though? You guys into gyno pics first? You do know that dopamine (one of the key pleasure hormones) is actually most active with prolonged anticitation prior to satifaction?


yes I have

A few times a woman asked me sorta, so I obliged. One said it was too big (humblebrag), another one got bored, and another wanted more.

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I’ve revived many usually unsolicited

How big is it lol

sorry, sorry, sorry. what do you mean “usually”?

I’m just teasing you. feel free to ignore me. :laughing:

Well sometimes it’s intentional lol

must be millennials. Me? nope, never.

I’ve only sent them to an actual ex-girlfriend