Have you’ve ever been blocked after showing your face?

It happens so many times to me lol. Even after, I tell them it happens to me.

no, not really, but I don’t date in places where I can’t be up-front about things.
having said that, I’m sure a whole army of women have declined to reply because of my looks.

not trying to downplay your point. that sucks no matter who you are. sorry.

I even got blocked after I told someone I was ugly and have gotten blocked after sending a picture of myself. Then they kept trying to convince me I wasn’t and then I sent it and they blocked me lol.

That ^

reminded me of this thread when I saw this:

I recently uploaded a video on Instagram of me without makeup using the female/gender swap filter and lost several followers (I look even worse without the gender filter). That’s not a surprise since most of my subs I gained after uploading just 2 highly filtered photos of me.