Having Kids is a Worse Idea than I previously thought

I’ve always had the feeling that there is a strong component of Ego/Social Status when it comes to the decision of whether or not to have kids… which is why every now and then you’ll hear insults on the internet like “I hope you don’t reproduce”.
Now that I think about it… the only scenario in which I would consider it a good idea to have kids is if humanity were experiencing a global population decline. (At present it would be a far better idea to adopt if you absolutely did feel the need to have children.)
Let’s examine the traditional narcissistic/Ego-related desire to have kids:
“I want to have kids so that my awesome DNA can continue to spread forever!!!”
“I want to have kids so I can display them like a trophy!”
“I want to have kids so I can show off baby photos on instagram!!”
Yes, but keep in mind that your kids are not your property. Once they reach age 18 they have absolutely nothing to do with you.
In fact, they might even choose to become the complete opposite of you for whatever reason. Let’s say you’re a liberal… well maybe your children will grow up to become conservative and vote for all the political parties you hate.
Worse yet… if you’re having children for narcissistic reasons, you’d probably end up feeling butthurt if they ended up becoming more successful than you. If they ended up living a better life than you. (Although some narcissistic parents react by attributing their children’s successes to themselves instead.)
See what I mean?
…Even if you’re a narcissistic, shallow, insecure, validation-seeking jerk… having kids is STILL not a good idea. How funny is that?
Also keep in mind that EVEN IF you think having children is a good way to achieve a kind of quasi-immortality… your descendants might still die as a result of disease/accident. Or maybe one day they will simply choose to not have kids. So there’s still no guarantee that your lineage will continue just because you had a child. It’s not future-proof.
And of course I don’t even need to mention the likelihood of giving birth to children with genetic defects, miscarriage, etc.
May as well strive for actual… technologically-enabled immortality. Or just write 1000 books. Or invent something. Or just make a million youtube videos, write a million forum posts, make as many different profiles/accounts on as many different websites as possible, etc. so that historical evidence of your existence will continue existing forever on the Internet. (Which I’m assuming will probably be around for hundreds of years to come.)
Reproductive technology is also rapidly advancing and pretty soon you will only need skin-cells and artificial wombs to create babies, thus securing the future of the species. Maybe not even skin-cells if AI becomes advanced enough to write and produce healthy DNA from scratch.

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Literally was just having this convo

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It’s kinda awkward to talk about that with other people tbh. You’ll never know who you might end up accidentally offending.
It’s impossible to 100% escape from social expectations one way or another. I still have other goals that are yet another way to try to conform to social expectations… like plastic surgery… starting a business… etc. But knowing how hard it is to attain these goals is also a major source of pain and suffering.
And it is that pain and suffering that ironically also keeps me from ever wanting to have kids… knowing how hard you have to work in this world… just to get so little. Just to get the things people take for granted. And some people just drown before they make it to shore, and nobody cares.

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Don’t have kids.

Period bro.

A good majority of what you said is something I’ve personally been worrying about. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to raise kids, but in terms of having them, not so much. At this point in my life, I don’t have to face this problem quite yet, but I have seriously considered the adoption route. I have met and been friends with people who are in the foster system, and helping a kid who just wants a safe, loving home has recently become a long term goal of mine.
For many people, adoption is seen as an unkown route where you could, “end up with a kid who has too many problems” or “is too old to be molded to how you want”, but to me, that’s not the point. There are too many kids out there who have never had a permanent place and someone who would be there for them, so if I could be that person for just one kid, I’d be happy.
Also, it’s not like I’m adding to the population or anything, so that’s a plus.

If you have a daughter she’ll inevitably turn into a ■■■■■ unless extreme precautions are taken such as isolating her from all education and media with home schooling and supervision.

If you have a son… well, he’s just straight fucked as it stands now. Though a son is probably the better of the two because he might serve in the coming revolution against this degenerate society, whereas the daughter will just be worthless and promote it without strict guidance.