Height Enhancement Surgery

What’s everyone’s opinion on height enhancement surgery (HES)? I’m 5’7 (169cm), so I obviously need it, if I want to be able to compete at all. Although, I doubt I’ll ever get it. The surgery is quite expensive and painful, but you are able to grow an extra 6" using it. It’s done by shattering the tibia and/or the femur, then adding a stretching tool, which pushed away the bones, while they’re repairing themselves- causing an increase in height. One of the main arguments against it is that “it makes you look out of proportion”, but from the before-and-after pictures I’ve seen, it seems like that doesn’t happen; especially due to the restriction of 6" maximum. However, it does still cause the patient to gain longer legs, obviously, and many studies seem to indicate that women deem long legs, proportional to the host’s body, an unattractive feature to have; the opposite being true with the sexes reversed (men, on average, find long legs on women attractive). With all this in mind, what are your thoughts and would you consider getting this surgery, or have you already gotten it done?



If you do it, videorecord it and earn Youtube shekels

Highy encourage all men under 5 6 to at least try this. It doesn’t hurt as much as people say.

not a bad deal tbh tbh

Get some of Elon Musk’s stem cells.

If you really believe that height is your ONLY problem, then maybe, I suppose.