Howdy - what do i have to do to get a girlfriend?

Testin I cant find a girlfriend help!

Have you tries Tinder???

Yea, try Tinder, super easy for ugly dudes

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Ugly person? that’s like literally me… big relate… and I’m not even smart haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but yh what a mood… spirit animal… mouthpiece of our generation tbh big agree :woman_shrugging:

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I don’t know if you are asking seriously but it takes a lot of p e r s o n a l i t y

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Just be yourself :slight_smile:

Be RICH, OR famous… good luck

I don’t have a cellphone. I have a tablet and I’m unable to install tinder. Is there anything else I can use aside from tinder?

Hinge, OkCupid, bumble.

I personally like the Tinder format but okcupid is cool if you like less of a swipe thing.

OKCupid is pretty good. I’ve never had hinge to work but heard good things about it.

I have the same problem with a phone number so was a no go tinder. PlentyOfFish lets you sign up but then wants to text you a confirmation code. but I was able to contact POF support describing my problem and they okay’d it. (activated my profile).

also, welcome to incelistan TheSantuary.

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I’ve only had one real romantic relationship and it was someone who I met through . I tried a bunch of sites but that one is one of the best. Make a really good profile and be open. For photos I just use a good cell phone camera and a selfie stick / tripod.

Other than that, a woman recommended and . Live in or near a major city and find events. I never got a romantic relationship that way, but at least it’s fun.

Don’t use dating apps. Waste of time.

Basically you move somewhere very far away from the degeneracy, or you just give up.

I’m curious to hear the other side. What’s wrong with dating apps? I’m pretty fond of them but ya.

I’m 5’10 and an MMA fighter but yet to win a title in my weight division.

On tinder I am a 6 foot 4 MMA fighter who’s a multiple weight class champ

Ok, so lying, but that can be done in person.

What’s an exclusively dating app issue?

If I say I’m 6’2 on tinder there’s no way you can verify that

If I say I’m 6’2 in real life even when I’m 5’10, it’s easily noticeable.

Not only that. People make fake accounts of girls and boys. Stealing good pics of famous models and then use them to get money. Here’s a famous incident which happened just a few months ago:

And that’s just one incident. There are myriads like this happening.

In real life there’s no chance of this taking place.

Looksmax and cold approach

1000x better than Tinder

uhhh… no. people get scammed offline too.
not for the same things, but arguably there are more scams offline than online.

I’d love to see the stats for this

It’s mostly a lottery… but if you want to expedite the process, you’ll have no choice but to either become really popular on social media, start a business and make a fuck ton of money… become a fitness/aesthetics junkie… or a mixture of the three, depending on your circumstances.

The advice about ‘making IRL friends’ or ‘asking girls out at work’ doesn’t really apply anymore.


  1. It’s 2019, people usually already have a tight network of friends they’ve built on social media.
  2. You’re not allowed to hit on chicks at work. Most workplaces these days actually forbid flirting and relationships full stop.

There’s a silver lining to the story though: Consider the fact that most relationships these days are short-lived, and divorce rates are through the roof. People are starting to value instant-gratification over long-term commitments… so even if you do get lucky and get a girlfriend, you’d have to be even luckier to keep her for more than 3-6 months.

Investing your focus and patience into android/AI girlfriends might result in the least amount of disappointment, but it’s really up to you in the end.

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