Humans worst species in the world

Although incels are present in most mammals, humans are worse in other ways.

humans worst species in the world. No other species has wars to the extent that humans do. Humans are litterally worse than chimps.

Thousands and thousands of dead bodies. You will never see such a thing in other spaces. No other species has violence to such an extent.

Also, only the human race locks sentient beings in cages for over 90 days as punishment, humans are the meanest and most heartless species in the world

people are concerned with underpopulation but good riddance i say
the only bad thing about underpopulation is the third-world keeps breeding, but if there was underpopulation in all countries then good riddance i say
the only other bad thing is no intercourse=no pleasure and we need more pleasure in society

and dont even get me started on how much humans pollute the ozone and destroy the enviroment

there are trash islands now litterally made out of garbage

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