I hate how I find basic girl things hard


Not obese, but I can relate to lacking motivation to put outfits together/wear makeup.

I think it’s more of a case of being so alienated from society, that it’s not even worth putting in the effort to look good… except for just the essentials like showering and brushing your teeth… which by the way, I do.

Or… it could also just be the fact that most girls in college don’t even wear makeup, and so… if you were to wear makeup to college, you’d just look like a try-hard… unless you’re a teacher. :smirk:

This is a big issue for me. OFC I’m transgender and have a debilitating chronic illness so I have certain circumstances making things harder.

I also live with my parents (due to being disabled - I’m an adult) who are against me transitioning so I can’t really practice makeup, nor do I have much motivation since I can’t transition.

I’d like to get my ears pierced, but I had an earring years ago and it seemed like it was getting infected so I removed it. Plus, my parents would probably give me shit for getting piercings.

I’d like to get my hair died, but aside from my parents, I don’t want to be seen as a crazy SJW. They ruined dyed hair for everyone. Plus, I never leave the house because of my health and I have super curly hair which is difficult to manage.

Welcome to incelistan.

lol, yeah…

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