I hate today's society with a burning passion

I absolutely despise today’s society with all my heart. I will explain a few reasons why

People don’t talk anymore and as such, we cannot make friends easily anymore. This is the case online and in person.
PC culture sickens me. I don’t get why everything has to be considered offensive. Can’t we all be comfortable with the truth? Why is it so controversial?
Dating apps have not only made people more shallow, but they also allow us to have an instant hookup without the attachment of a relationship, which means that people do not have to be in an LTR anymore. The declining birth rates and marriage rates in Western countries proves this point right. Dating apps were potentially one of the worst ideas I could ever have dreamed of happening and they are making me want to go monk mode. Tinder and Bumble are the worst offenders. There have been experiments done on YouTube where an average looking guy gets nothing or bots whereas a guy with a six pack and abs gets tons of matches, more than he knows what to do with. The whole game is unbalanced. Once dating apps become the only option to date, we are royally screwed. Most dating sites have had class action lawsuits filed against them due to the sheer number of bots and camgirls on those sites. Whenever you approach a woman nowadays, you have a high probability of getting me too’d. Dating as a whole has been destroyed to pieces.
Everything today is too expensive and to top that all off, the economy is not as good as people say it is. Most jobs today are not permanent setups, most are gigs which don’t last long. A lot of jobs are also remote nowadays, which adds to the problem of not making friends.
There is a raging loneliness epidemic and nobody recognizes it. 54% of Millennials are chronically lonely and the loneliest generation today is people in the 18-22 age range.
Nobody acknowledges intelligent people, they are all tossed to the side in favor of people who have the personality of a cactus with no consideration or caring then the bosses wonder why those people perform poorly at their jobs. Duh you hired someone who brought nothing to the table whatsoever and let your company suffer instead of bringing in people who actually KNOW what they are doing, will be dependable, punctual, trustworthy and reliable and can actually perform the duties of the job correctly. Instead you hire someone who’s chronically late, does not follow the rules of the position, slacks off, and then when the employee gets fired they wonder why. I have seen many companies which could have thrived, such as sole proprietors and LLCs go down under because of this shit.
Finally, climate change is getting worse and worse as time progresses and nobody is doing anything to take care of it.
Individualism and capitalism have worked in concert to make a world which is honestly a living nightmare.

I see a Rome level collapse of society happening quite shortly.

I want to go monk and live as a recluse. I am getting extremely tired of this world.

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I’m iffy on the man-made Climate Change thing.

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Note: Individualism is good when balanced appropriately with Collectivism. The ideal society needs both. But yes, what we are faced with today can be described as Radical Individualism.