I have nothing

I have nowhere to go for support. Nowhere.

Incels.co gets too much for me at times because I feel that some people there just try to be edgelords all the time, which is fine but sometimes I need to talk about something serious.

Incelistan and IncelsWithoutHate are good alternatives, but they have barely any members, and it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a community.

All the other good incel support spaces on Reddit got banned.

I have no one to talk to in person.

People give us no places to express our feelings, and then get mad when we finally give up and start emptying it all out after bottling it up for so long.

After braincels got banned, and I was banned from /r/ForeverAlone and /r/MGTOW, I too am finding it difficult to find a place to discuss and express my problems. I’m glad I found this forum, and try to post as much as I can. I would hope that more people join, and this becomes more active.

I was using Monday FA Monday’s discord server for a while, but I left after his new girlfriend went nuclear on me. She’s a complete whack-job.

What’d she do?

Her and I actually had some private conversations on discord when she first became part of Monday’s flock. Her and I actually had some good conversations to start with, but when I was in the public chat room, and I brought up how I’ve only had sexual encounters with escorts (for the record, I’ve only been with sex workers four or five times in the past 10 years, and in my entire life), she kinda did a complete 180 on me. She pretty much became incredible defensive when I started making points and posting memes about the 80/20 rule, as if I was somehow singling her out as being part of the problem with female hypergamy, which I wasn’t. When I discuss my thoughts and opinions about being an incel, and as to why it’s happening to so many, I base this on my own personal experiences, and the data, studies and articles written about it. I also like to use metaphors and analogies when I speak or write, so it may sometimes confuse people, or instead they use it against me, in which the following case, she did, and I think possibly on purpose.

I was discussing how for incel and loveshy men, one of the biggest problem is trusting anything a woman has to say, especially if they’ve only known rejection, or have been used by women in the way of being their emotional tampon, with no inclination of ever being romantically involved with said guy, or even continuing a platonic friendship. As an analogy I suggested that this is my guess as to how a black person might feel when it came to trusting a white person, especially if said black person has been persecuted and shown hatred towards them by all white people, of course they’re going to distrust a white person. Well Mrs. Monday went off on me, calling me a racist, and an alt-righter. Any time I tried to explain myself, or ask her, “What do you want men like myself to do” when it comes to learning to trust women, she just ignored that, and kept ranting and raving how I do I ever expect to find a good woman in a prostitute, since that’s what I’ve used for sex. In all honesty, her rants and ravings were the equivalent of trolling. The others who were in the room at that time even said I was being very patient with her, and also tried to get her to understand, but she wouldn’t. When she called me a racist alt-righter, I was done. She’s pretty much always in Monday’s discord these days, and always has something to say to everything. I figured there’s no point in sticking around, as it’s clear that having a intelligent conversation or debate isn’t realistic in there anymore. It was when it began, but it’s gotten overcrowded, and is slowly turning into trolling chat room, full of immature behavior.

This isn’t the first time I left Monday’s discord, when everyone’s favorite messiah The Wandering Wojack called me stupid for suggesting that polyamorous relationships were on the rise. I was discussing the data from the 80/20 study, and how is that in America there is almost an equal amount of men and women, yet there are somehow more single men? I also included several articles written in the past year of how polyamory is becoming more and more accepted. I was simply asking the question if it’s possible that the reason there are less single women, is because they’re all sleeping with the same few Chad-like men? Wojack didn’t like this conversation, and made it personal, to which I left for several weeks.

It’s interesting how the so-call biggest brains in the room were the most easily triggered, which resulted in basically name calling and trolling. I wasn’t trying to cause a scene, or make enemies. I was only stating what I had read, and was ostracized for it. I’ve never had any issues with Monday himself, as he and I have communicated a lot over the past year, and I was tempted to go on his channel at one point as a guest to discuss my history and female troubles. Now that I’m on his lady’s hit list, that’s never going to happen.


Don’t really see much bad about her in that.

She is probably good at trolling though.

She seems super into Monday, and they are a cute couple. I wish them all the best. He should drop the FA label though.

The internet aint gonna solve that for you.

Try calling some childhood/teenage friends and arrange a time to hang out.

That’s what I do, every week at the local card shop.

It’s almost like an irl Incel forum, except for that one guy… (who is also a short bearded fat ass, so yeah idk)

I know bro, its very harsh. When incels (including myself who is a virgin) want to say something about their struggles, either its not listened to or we end up getting shut down.

Incels should be allowed to speak up. We mean no harm just by simply saying how we feel about the current dating climate.

Hang in there boyo.

I have never watched FA Monday, but am happy he found a girlfriend.

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