I just came

I’ve ■■■■■■ probably about four times in the last forty eight hours and I feel another masturbatory session is in the horizon.

You would think it is the masturbation Olympics around here. I am proud that I can still get it up after all these years of loneliness, it’s kinda a huge big deal for me.


would recommend cutting that number down

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Impossible man.

That’s like double my rate.

Granted I believe doing it too much makes one (more) lethargic.

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I’ve been hedonistically eating pizza/fast food every day, my version of cooming.

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I ate three cans of corn and a block of cheese today as my kitchen is now entirely empty with another week of the month to go. I’m now staring at a jar of peanut butter which is the last of my food stash. No money to buy food currently either.

I wish that I had pizza…

thats awful. Any food banks you can go to?

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I like to think that when I coom a tear drops from the eyes of a god and hits the ground turning into a beautiful flower. Makes me feel less pathetic…

They’re all closed until next month…

Thankfully a friend bought me some cigarettes for the rest of the month, I’m smoking them like a fiend who wants to acquire stage 4 lung cancer early in life…

Closed? Why are they closed it’s not a holiday? There has to be one that’s open. Also a lot of community organisations and services have their own mini food banks too or a lot of churches have mini food banks and also hot lunches usually they do this a few times a week. There’s also emergency resources you should be able to tap into not sure what your area is but if it’s first world governments usually want to keep people housed and fed and have services.

Other useful things that may be of interest is furniture banks if you need any furniture, churches usually have clothing too, clothing banks, there’s rent to income places you could rent that are 30% of your income. There’s usually some volunteer stuff that gives gift cards to grocery stores they post to community organisations. Try looking into community outreach stuff.

If you need other resources lmk I’m pretty good at finding and referring people to these things.

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I live in the middle of rural nowhere, that’s why.

Some days I masturbate so many times that when I open the incognito tab once again I hear my dick whispering “please don’t I can’t hold for too long”


I use alcohol for this.

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I coomed 3 times in an 8 hours span yesterday. Today, 0 times. It’s pretty cyclical.

I’m feeling a slight masturbatory session lingering tonight.

It is still undetermined if I will be able to get it up as physical exhaustion and being tired might win the day in the end. I might literally be too tired to jerk off tonight.

I feel this when I’m too drunk. Which happens, mmm, weekly.

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Why do you get drunk weekly?

I feel better when I’m drunk.

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Really? I feel worse.

We get used to it and eventually it becomes good. I’m not suggesting you should try though.

I have an intolerance for alcohol, I’m just a tobacco chain smoker instead.

[Not all that much better of course.]

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