I want to be interviewed by Naama Kates

Naama Kates has taken an interest in our world, we should allow her into the incel kingdom of Incelistan you guys.

I know you lurk here Naama Kates, come over here and bless us with your beautiful presence.

I want to watch you on my glow screen.

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Just ruin your life by appearing on a podcast that associates incels with terrorism theory

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Just start your own podcast

You get your own guests and your own narrative

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She’s pretty cute, I want her to run her fingers in my hair.

I have never suggested violence at all here. I try my best to be very philosophical.

I’m all about making inceldom philosophically coherent or expressive and that’s what I do with my background into philosophy. That and my love of satire as well.

I would never show my face out of privacy concerns, I would be the masked man on a microphone.