I was invited to a party

That’s right, looks like I still have a social life.

It’s supposed to be cool, but in reality it’ll suck.

I know there’s going to be women in there and I’ll want to talk to them, but I’ll fail even before trying because I’m shy and weirdo.

After a few hours I’ll head back home feeling like a loser – because I am a loser.

There’s a hope tho, called alcohol. It sometimes makes me overcome part of my shyness which consequently lowers my weirdness. But I still lack a lot of social skills so it’s not a big chance of success.

Wish me luck.


Doesn’t sound too bad tbh

good luck man.
if you want some advice? don’t go there so that something will happen, just go and have a good time.
don’t worry about “failing” just enjoy the party for what it is.

also, hello BarbiesHouse, welcome to incelistan.

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I remember the last time I went to a bar two years ago and I was talking to this woman that I thought might be interested in me. I told her that I worked at a grocery store part time where she just rolled her eyes at me walking away. Haven’t been out since then where I’ve just given up. I practically just barricade myself inside my residence, what’s the fucking point in trying if every time I’m just going to be rejected anyways?

You know I really do come across as an asshole online, just maybe, but I do really hard try to be nice to women offline. It just never ever goes anywhere.

It always comes down to money and I’m always just the broke loser in their eyes.

All they ever see is a fucking paycheck.

Those same hypocrites will be the first to say that nobody should objectify their bodies, all while they shamelessly objectify us as utilities and ATM machines.


Honestly after reading my reply over, it’s no wonder females HATE intelligent males.

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I know, right?

In the 1960s they were burning bras and had everybody’s public attention, nowadays a majority of men are burning their wallets as an act of defiance where nobody seems to care.

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I’m back home.

I knew some people there so I talked to them while drinking as much gin and beer as I could. After many hours they started playing a game which I’m good at, and that situation allowed me to interact with people I didn’t know and had a good time.

People weren’t stupid to me, that’s a big win.


And the women?

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What game?

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The only fun games at a party with women is strip poker. :ok_hand:

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I was polite to all women in there and they were polite to me too (saying “hi”, smiling etc) but no extended conversations except for one of them. Me and this one talked a lot as we played the game and she was very friendly – she wasn’t signaling any sexual interest tho, just being nice.
I’m quite OK with my performance in there regarding women, all interactions flowed smoothly and naturally and I believe no one thought I was a weirdo. Phew!


I don’t know the name, it’s a guessing game where the game master describes a mystery and the players ask questions, for which the game master can only answer “yes”, “no”, or “irrelevant” until someone solves the mystery and says the solution out loud.

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awesome dude. thats great news :slight_smile:
so it was a positive experience then. excellent. good luck, if you decide to go to another one.


What is signalling sexual interest?

false, theres also twister, also truth or dare, could dare to give sex