I'm a little confused

Ok, so
I am biologically female. I am 18 years old. I have never been in any kind of actual relationship, or have been any kind of physically intimate with anyone. Guys (+gals) have just, never shown any interest in me during the last few years. I don’t have any form of social media, and the only things I wear that can be considered “showy” would be leggings (which are almost always covered by a long t-shirt or something).
I keep hearing of this mystical women who is always seeking attention from men, only go for guys who are tall, have a strong jawline, etc etc, but to be frank, I don’t feel as if I identify with the vast majority of those desires? Sure, maybe I’m a “unicorn” or what have you, but from the gals I’m friends with, I don’t think I can name a single one of them who are like that…
Yeah, yeah, I get that this is mostly anecdotal evidence, and that I probably don’t know some of my friends’ love lives too much, and that my friends are almost certainly not representative of the “youth”, but it still feels like a lot of these things that guys are pointing out that women like, aren’t always that accurate???
I, certainly, don’t know. Y’all have probably had a lot more worse experiences with gals than I have, to be fair. But if you want to ask me anything, and maybe shed some light, feel free

I personally don’t use the terms chad and stacy. But I have seen a lot of women in dating apps, in other forums, state that they prefer to date men of a certain height, or atleast taller than them.

back in my school there were the cliques. And there were the cool kids, who I noticed were mostly athletes. The guys and girls weren’t always the ideal beauty but they tended to be very social. They attracted people who had more coordination. Yeah there were some tall kids there too, especially among boys, as height seems to be an advantage a bit in sports.

I went to a a Catholic school, and sports seemed to be a big thing. And it did win you scholarships. I live in the suburbs of a major city.

Yeah I’m not sure if there really was a Stacy. But there seemed to be girls who hanged out only with the cool kids, although usually by senior year they’ve tended to be more friendly towards others, well usually, not all.

Just wondering but are you in a small town?

No, not at all. My highschool is so big, that today we had an assembly for the senior class, and there were a ton of kids I’ve never even heard of before. At my school, it’s so big that literally everyone seems to at least have their own “squad”, but many people “branch out” so to speak. (Personally, I hop around groups a LOT) And yeah, I’m not going to say that there aren’t any girls I’ve ever seen that don’t desire to have a guy that’s strong, athletic, 6ft and above, yada yada yada, but I’ve seen just as many shallow girls as I have guys. There’s whole groups of people at my school who are amazing and wonderful people, and even though conventionally they’re not that attractive, they have gotten plenty of attention from people who are interested. But mostly I hang around those who just… don’t seem interested in relationships at all. Even some of the really cool kids, like some of my best friends, have just, never dated in highschool? We’re all career focused, and too busy to keep track of and worry over someone else… Both guys and gals to be honest.
Idk, I’m surrounded by the “top of the class” and, though rarely said anymore, “gifted” kids.
We’re all just stressed out, tired, and have the overwhelming drive to just get into a good school?
Like, if it’s not a band-related activity or someone’s birthday, we just, don’t have time to go out? Partying doesn’t really exist, everyone has 6+ hours of homework, and the majority of the seniors I know are juggling a job on top of everything…
“Doing what everyone else is doing” means to lock yourself into your room, have a panic attack, and finish an entire semester’s worth of school into one night.

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Highschool (and maybe community college) is much better for males than anything that comes next. The rest is just straight shit, but males won’t realize it until it’s too late.

I was really shy in high school, and assumed it would just be better afterwards. It’s not. Female standards go through the roof afterwards. Instead of just the small pool of 15-18 year olds, suddenly the whole world opens up and I suppose that horrible female hypergamy kicks in fully at this time.

So, no, high school is not representative of the real world.

the world is utterly cucked and anti-male. 4th wave feminism is shit-tier and demands males feel shame about their natural male lust.

Pay attention to what they do, not what they say. They don’t want to seem shallow so they say they care about “inner beauty” or some crap like that. Sure, many women will settle for an average looking guy who’s 5’7", but that’s only if they have limited options.