Incel ascends (apparently) and turns his back on incels and way he used to be. How does this make you feel?

Seriously, how does stuff like this make you feel?

To be honest, if getting a job and making friends results in him getting a girlfriend, he’s not that much of an incel. I was healthy BMI, going to events on like 5 days a week, very socially active, making lots of money, and nothing. Not for years. If I could have not been an incel, I wouldn’t have been an incel.

But i think the question still is, how was your personality? I’ve met many socially attractive people that bore the shit out of me

I dunno Katarana. I’m really self-centered and I have a mental health history.

Then maybe if you get that worked on, and went back to your old life, you’d be thriving.

I want to change and be better. I just don’t have a lot of job options (looking and applying though).
and I’ve been seeking help from my friends and family for social improvement.

I’m not an incel by choice, I hope to one day NOT be incel.
“until then, we dance, don’t we stardust”

Check out community college, technical school, and university. See what all the options are.

Dam son… Are you like really really ugly I dunno what else to say

Well these are some nice replies, they really are.

I can only imagine the vitriol and utter hate this guy would be getting on other incel forums (cough cough dot Co)

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last you said you lived alone somewhere in a desert and now suddenly you have friends? how sway…

I didn’t say I lived in a desert, I said I live in the middle of nowhere. but I still have family and friends…

Thought about moving out? Honestly if rent is an issue, you can share an apartment. You’d have more chance to socialize

that was posted by a throwaway acc :thinking: totally not a larper

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Annnnd back to typical incel negativity we go…

“I look back on my teen years with shame and regret.”