Incel Forums will Run out of Things to Talk about

Probably because there is nothing else to be said.

Life is a cunt, and nothing worth having is easily obtainable. And there are certain things you will indeed, never get to experience.

Can’t really say I’m a fan of the Buddhist/Stoic approach as it basically just advocates a form of mental suicide. i.e. Eliminate all human emotion and desire and become an unfeeling machine, basically.

…though I suppose it could be a useful tactic for someone who wants to commit suicide, but still wants to have a physical presence in the world.

That said the reason I don’t commit suicide is because I don’t actually believe that it is possible to truly Die. An identical copy of you will be born in some distant coordinate in space and time… and you will be forced to re-live the same miserable life.

You may be living your 1,0000,0000th afterlife as you speak but you’ll never be able to tell because you have no memory of actually dying.

Suicide comes with a multitude of metaphysical risks, you’ll never know what it actually means to Die… and you’re basically handing over the burden of responsibility to the rest of the conscious world. And potentially your future afterlives.

…Fine then. Guess it’s better to stick with the Stoic, masochistic, emotionless terminator jackass route.

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I read the title and I thought we were going to start something a little more off-topic.

I’ve been working with a friend on my depression and negativity, and while this doesn’t help me “get laid” I do feel inspired to work on myself and be a better person. and I don’t care if that sounds like self-help crap.
I know what it’s like to hate myself.
and now I hate myself less.
I won’t say life is a bed of roses, but I will say it’s better without a crushing hatred for myself and everything around me.

maybe nothing easily obtainable is worth having.

I’m gonna go get something done today.
anyone reading this should do the same, big or small, go get something done and remind yourself that you can.

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What did you get going done?

@QuantumCatX Are you ok Quantum? Saw this youtube vid of you

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Not the first time she made a video like that…

cleaned my apartment.

Already happened years ago. Get with the program noob