Incels Are Alright | A Coach Red Pill Video

Incels Are Alright | A Coach Red Pill Video

Just curious to what peoples thoughts are on CRP’s video about incel’s?

that was a REALLY long intro for him selling game lol

I still want to know what they think “game” is? Is it just sheer confidence, or something else? To me personally, I sum game up to putting on a facade, pretending to be someone you’re not in order to lure the opposite sex into being attracted to you. I.E., act like an alpha male Chad, don’t show any emotion or compassion, be a jerk, and that will equal notches on your bedpost. Perhaps if sex is all you’re looking for, it’s enough, however I’m pretty sure most incel’s and long-lasting, loving and honest relationships with women. Having game will not get you an honest partner, and even if it did by way of having game, at some point the real you is going to have to stop pretending; I don’t know anyone who wants to spend their entire lives acting as someone else in the privacy of their own homes, let alone in front of their partner. By dropping the act, your potential partner will see you for who you really are, just a beta, and will either A), dump you for putting on a show for so long, and hate you for not showing her the real you. Or B), dump you for putting on a show for so long, pretending someone you’re not, in which she does not want a beta, but a true alpha Chad.

Am I wrong in this theory?

Probably not wrong.

My “game” is practically zero, as is typically the case for anyone that finds themselves with ASD.

@the40yearoldincel Red pill game is a myth, and the idea women want a stoic alpha is a myth, they are attracted to Chad because of his handsome looks, not because he is alpha, Chad only seems to be alpha because he climbs the corporate ladder faster, Chad has confidence only because he receives social validation constantly.

Coach Red Pill seems like an alright person, and I’m sure there are truths in his pua game but I would not believe it word for word.

I agree, it’s a vicious cycle.
not just for the Chads, but for all kinds of things.