"Incels over-estimate their personalities and underestimate their looks"


That reddit logic actually hit me, hit me hard


My looks and my personality are both bad so…

If you’re born male on the Autism Spectrum, you are cursed with a 1 for your personality.

Reposting my response for this forum:

"I think it’s actually logical.

My personality probably gets rated that low. I simply reject the rating on the grounds that there is objectively nothing wrong with my personality and that the ratings are based on post-modern bull shit. I don’t have any issues getting along with most other males, and ironically the males who dislike me are the biggest losers (e.g. can’t handle any kind of competitiveness, such as in video games). There was a blatant Chad at my old College I got along well with.

Also if you’re shy and male then you’re automatically a 1 in personality."

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Maidana, are you GeneticFilth from the other forum?

Like, what the fuck is that even suppose to mean? Context is everything.

I hate it when people think they’re saying something profound but all that ever comes out is vagueness or random ambiguity. Let’s try writing in whole paragraphs, shall we?

That’s my first account in any incel-related forum.

This is the full quote for context:

"Most incels aren’t “sub 4” in looks though. They’re 4-6 in looks with a 1-2 in personality. Plus, even the ones who are 1-3 in looks, ugly people who are cool, fun and genuinely good to people (not “nice”) tend to get dates, occasional hook-ups, and even long term relationships. I know snaggletoothed, unsymmetrical faced, under 5’ guys who have girlfriends, because they’re fun to hang out with. Yeah, 8-10 looking people can be shit people and still get laid… but why be salty about that? 1-3 looking people with 7-10 personalities can still get laid with people they find attractive (assuming they don’t have obnoxious standards of beauty) and get into long term meaningful relationships.

Incels over-estimate their personalities and underestimate their looks. Actually, almost all humans do that, but incels take it to an extreme. Putting some serious effort into being really enjoyable to be around would probably get almost all of them laid."

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This one is your first? Or one on incels.co

The only people that say stuff like this are out of touch gen X or late millennials. Women age 18-26 would never give a guy who is a 2 in looks with a 7 personality a chance.

Sounds like they’re trying to minimize male frustrations and male inceldom, because fuck men.

Yeah, getting married, having a girlfriend, or getting laid is so easy that’s why everybody’s doing it.

Oh, wait…oops…

Because facts do matter.

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Yes, that’s my first. I have multiple reddit accounts but I never interact in incel-related subreddits.

So you post here and as GeneticFilth on incels.co also? How come both, you prefer here?

I’ve seen ugly men with shitty personalities get laid, but the women talked shit behind their backs and didn’t enjoy the sex. Also the ugly men had more income than the others.

If you are nice to most women you will not get laid only friendzoned. Charisma can only go so far.

No! Incelistan is the only forum I use! I don’t know who GeneticFilth is and I’ve never accessed incels.co in my life. I have no idea why you think I’m this other dude.


Hard to rate a personality on a scale of 1 to 10

I mean people don’t really stand out in any particular way so can’t be that hard to get a 4-5 in personality

What would a 1 be? Throwing feces at strangers

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I tried signing up for incels.co but they rejected my registration, apparently I wasn’t a cool enough incel to hangout over there. Really hurts my feelz man.

This place is more fun however, more free range over here anyways.

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Same thing happened to me.

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We’re both just too cool for school and all the other incels. We’re in our own world, league, and categorization over here.

Being rejected in an incels forum is bad.