Incels: What’s the big issue with girls who have slept with a lot of guys?

or riding the cock carousel or whatever you all call it

For me there isn’t, but there is data to show the more sexual partners a woman has had the more likely they are to cheat

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It just seems like it comes from jealousy

Also, are transcels allowed here? :sunglasses:


Its time for you to leave thot

You can’t really call yourself an incel then huh?

Leave before I block you

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Easily explained by evo psych. Men value sexual women for short-term, but not long-term, because her fidelity is in question. If you can get around this somehow, it’s fine.

Evo psych isnt falsifiable.

Yes, transcels are allowed


Well, I’m a Christian, thus according to my beliefs premarital intercourse is objectively wrong; immoral. Hence, I am required to steer clear of attempting to court women that have participated in hook-up culture, due to them either not being genuine Christians, and simply being hypocrites- calling themselves as such, or not being Christians whatsoever; neither in word, nor deed, nor thought. Obviously though, I try to keep within my sights those women who have truly repented of their past deeds; though I still put them second to those that have not participated in the “cock carousel”. Despite believing more and more with each passing day, that these women; women who have not participated in hook-up culture, do not exist.

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I don’t have a problem with slutty girls (any girl > no girl) but I can’t even take part in the cock carousel due to lack of dick


Jealousy counts for alot though, and if woman or you cannot identify/empathise with jealous incel then fuck you and yes please leave

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you are a lot more aggressive here compared to

who the fuck are you?

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there’s a lot of potential issues with it.

it’s one of those things that work inversely between men and women, where a high count makes a guy more attractive but a woman less attractive, and a woman with a high count will be less likely to put up with a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing, whereas a guy with a high count won’t really care about that.

there’s also jealousy. most guys envy the attention women can get. and when it comes to a group of men who are entirely rejected in general, it’s not too difficult to understand why there’d be some resentment for people who are so abundantly sought after, they can’t even comprehend what being invisible is like.

or insecurity. imagine being accepted to harvard, after a lifetime of being rejected from every school, and you’re on probation, and try to not develop an imposter complex. someone’s who’s extremely sexually successful being paired up with someone who’s up to this point been total refuse is probably a terrifying situation to be in.

or the probability of women with a lot of partners to cheat.

or the social fallout. the fact he’s an incel will make him even more vulnerable to people heaping whatever abuse they want onto them.

it’s easy to paint it like a bunch of unrealistic basement dwellers who have impossible expectations, but there are legit reasons to be apprehensive. even if it’s not really all that rational to develop a hard preference for women with low counts.

There are very few women who are actually promiscuous. Probably only like 10-14% of the population

I don’t want to insert my dick where dozens of others dicks been inserted.