Is 90% of every person on this planet literal garbage

This is my christmas eve gift to the world. I wanted to maintain a positive attitude but I can’t.

I wake up with mental illness. Illness the world gave to me. People are garbage and to blame.

Not every person in this world is bad, but 90% are. I can’t help but think about my so called “friends” on my social media. How so many of them ignore me and ghost me for no reason or explanation. They are literal subhuman narcissistic trash. All they do is virtue signal and gather delusional orbiters who believe they are good people. Masquerading as gurus and sages. Garbage clown world of garbage people. I cannot sit here and let this stand.

Even if I got laid for 10 hours, after the 10 hours I would still hate these people (not the person who gave me sex of course, but the others). These are bad people and this is a garbage society and garbage world. This world is broken beyond even the incel thing. Some of these people are males some are females.

pic of trash for all the delusional positive people out there

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This world is a literal garbage dump. More and more trash in the oceans. Also most women just really believe deep down they are the shit and better than all humans they see on a day to day basis. Then they go back to their orbiters…

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Fortunately that is a delusion that can be completely shattered the moment they are required to compete directly against men in, well, pretty much anything.

No, their narcissism is so severe that even if they lose at a contest or something, they will blame it on something, they will never accept they lost at something fair and square

Well, that’s true.

It’s the same reason they refuse to admit they were wrong even after blatantly fucking up and then begging to come back. They would rather ghost than humble themselves before their rightful superiors.

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This video basically explains so simply why humans are a massive failure. I always ask God, if you didn’t want us to be sinners, why would you create us with a reptilian brain, where we are violent, impulsive, and lustful, which are all sins in the Bible…

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I don’t know how to even deal with my deep hatred for humans

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Don’t forget the space trash and debris that is orbiting the planet in outer space every single day. It’s a dump on the inside, and it’s a dump on the outside.

As I make this post right now I’m taking a huge dump in a toilet. I wanted to share that with you all because you’re my friends.

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