It's OVER for Emma-Watson-cels

If you are thinking about dating Emma Watson, just give up

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Why even post this? She’s right. Dudes shouldn’t have to be hyper-masculine or aggressive in order to be accepted, but she personally prefers a lot of confidence in a man. A gender doesn’t have to act a certain way just because that’s your preference



i for one became more feminine after realizing i’m a guy, lmao.

eh. she’s making some claims that don’t really pan out. men being less masculine and dominant don’t make women feel less compelled to be submissive. they just look somewhere else for somebody dominant.

she’s an example of that.

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who says she enjoys agressive men all the time, why are you making that presumption?

jk she probably enjoys agressive men all the time

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What about Scandinavia? The women there did NOT just ditch all the feminine men and move to Italy lol

italian guys are half a foot shorter than “feminine” nords.

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If you dont think that Scandinavian men are feminine as hell you are missing something

In fact some Scandivian women are wanting more masculine men now that they are exposed to men from other countries, but DEFINITELY not most or all.

notice how his eye level is their shoulder level. that’s one of the factors why some, but not most scandinavian women are wanting more masculine men. height compensates for a hell of a lot and implies masculinity that can’t be erased all that easily with mannerisms.

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And this is exactly why I hate feminism.

It’s not “patriarchy” that is heavily influencing men to act a certain way. I realized feminists were my enemy with this double-crossing bull shit years ago. They say dominant males and submissive females are social constructs while in reality these are biological constructs and THEY are the ones trying to enforce social constructs that don’t work.

Thanks a lot for encouraging my shyness in my teens and then making fun of me for my Incel in my 20s. Fucking useless twats.

Men don’t care about feel-good ideas. All we care about is what works and what gets us results. If it doesn’t get results, we deem it useless and replace it. That’s the fate of Feminism. Spare us the nonsensical rhetoric. Boys should be taught the ■■■■■■■■■ at no older than 12.


I like the look of her very much tbh, and I haven’t even seen any Harry Potter film. But yeah tbh she seemed hypergamous as hell, it always seemed like 99.9% men would never have a chance with her.

who gives a shit lol